Report on tourism in Amsterdam for young people and families from the experiences of travelers The Netherlands is the most popular travel destination among the countries of Europe, which is characterized by its high population density, as it is half of the territory of the Netherlands is a reclaimed part of the sea is located below the sea surface, and accepts many tourists for Visiting its capital, Amsterdam only, which is known as North Venice, where there are more than a hundred waterways in addition to the ease of hiking around the city on foot or by boat or bicycle, oblivious to the many things that the Netherlands has to offer outside its capital, we will get to know it in detail on the distances Ron the Arabs.

Best places of tourism in the Netherlands:

  • Before we begin our conversation about the tourist places in the Netherlands, it must be well known that the system of this country is based on respect for the human being and respect for his thought, and that any person is responsible and rejected guardianship without causing any harm to others.
  • The Dutch people are distinguished by their peaceful social nature, his screen, his love for life, his love for music, celebration, eating and dancing.
  • The Netherlands is considered one of the safest and most secure countries in the world, with crime rates so low that prisons have been closed, and the Netherlands ranks first for the safest countries in the world for cyclists and cars.
  • Tourism in the city of Amsterdam is more daytime than night, so it is not advisable to take a walk during the night, especially if you are with your family, and it is not recommended to enter the stalls or narrow alleys, but it is preferable to enter the main streets.
  • Although there are some annoying things in Amsterdam, where there are many cafes, marijuana and hashish stores, and there are many houses of prostitution, but these places are confined to specific places.
  • While booking at any of the Netherlands hotels, it is necessary to consider the choice of hotels that are close to the tram, in order to ensure ease of movement and tour the city center.

Amsterdam tourism for young people:

It is this warm city that always opens its arms to visitors with love and welcome throughout the year, it is the capital of the Netherlands and is characterized by its flowing rivers inside it beside its colorful buildings that overlook it because it overlooks the bridges that connect the outskirts of the city to each other, next to the Dutch flowers with a wonderful shape And there are more than three hundred varied festivals in one year in this city, there is a festival of delicious food and there are dance festivals and cultural carnivals and other festivals, which gives this city a different life.
The Amsterdam government also allows people to barbecue in some parks unlike other European countries whose laws prohibit this matter, which means that it is possible to go for a family barbeque in the open air with ease. For people who are interested in nature, Amsterdam is the most appropriate interface for them, where there is It has Vondelpark, which provides a calm environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city, as well as the presence of many green spaces and flowers throughout the city of Amsterdam, which is characterized by combining a vibrant city with lush natural life, and the most famous tourist activities in it The following:

  • Walking through hiking, which is one of the best activities that can be practiced in Amsterdam, as soon as a person walks through its streets this will give him a greater opportunity to get to know the history of this city and its mysteries, not to mention its beautiful and bright buildings.

Visit the Rijksmuseum:

The oldest and largest museum of history and art in the Netherlands, it contains a large number of paintings dating back to the golden age, including the works of Rembrandt and Vermeer until 2013.

Water trips:

Which the city of Amsterdam is often famous for, due to the large number of canals in it, when organizing a trip through those water channels, it will be very fun to explore the city in a wonderful and enjoyable way, as it is possible to take a cruise during the evening and have a romantic dinner in the boat on a barbecue.

Take a bike tour:

Some people are interested in cycling, so a city tour can be taken by bike, as the Dutch people are one of the people who love cycling since they use them as a means of transportation and as a management for fitness and sports besides enjoying it, it is one of the unique experiences that must be seized while in the Netherlands.

  • Visit to Vondelpark:

It is the largest park in Amsterdam and it is the most popular park, where more than 10 million visitors visit it annually, which makes it one of the most attractive places in the Netherlands. In June, July and August, some theatrical performances are held on an open-air theater, and there are a number of monuments Antique cafes.

Amsterdam Channels:

The construction of well-known Amsterdam canals began during the 17th century during the Dutch Golden Age, where three main channels were created to form united belts of the center surrounding the city, and today there are more than 100 kilometers of canals and bridges around 1500 in addition to the main channels which are 1550.

Zoo :

It dates back to the year 1838, which made it one of the oldest zoos in the Netherlands. This park has a fish tank, an insect room and a dome, as well as a butterfly wing.

Island Fluorescent Museum:

It is considered the first fluorescent art museum of the year, and it is characterized by its low prices and amazing colors.

Visit the De Pijp neighborhood:

It is known as the Latin Quarter and is considered one of the most beloved neighborhoods in the city of Amsterdam, as it was built in order to reduce the population density of the Jordan area, and in order to accommodate the workers while at the present time this neighborhood has a number of different cultures and nationalities, and is one of the vibrant neighborhoods in the city It has the Albert Quibmarket Market, which is famous for its cheap prices, fresh fruit and good treatment.

Leadsplein Square:

One of the most popular squares in the city, and it is the center of nightlife due to the presence of many famous restaurants and cafes.


In this neighborhood there are many Asian restaurants and boutiques, and it is well known that it has the Bodest Zdijk Chinese Temple, which is considered an impressive building where its unique Chinese construction and bright colors.

  • Nine Street:

And it is called this name because it is related to nine water channels. It is characterized by the presence of a number of shopping stores and many wonderful markets, as it has a unique atmosphere.



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