Guide to the names of the most beautiful names of the most beautiful tourist areas in the Netherlands and cities for tourism and entertainment, where landscapes are one of the ideal places to practice the hobby of riding bikes, as well as the intersection of canals, in addition to the presence of many historical city centers, classic windmills and other other tourist sites all over the country In the north and west of the Netherlands, where we find that its longitudinal coastal strip is characterized by a mile on a mile of protective dunes, in addition to its wonderful aiming beaches, and in the spring months the Netherlands is characterized by the presence of many flower gardens, which have become one of the tourist attractions, where there It has bold and brilliant scenes and many bright colors, which we will learn about in detail on the Arab Travelers website.

Names of the most beautiful tourist areas in the Netherlands and cities for tourism and entertainment:

The Hague:

It is the seat of the Dutch government and is located in the West of the Netherlands, and is the third largest city and is the second city that tourists visit during their visit to the Netherlands after the city of Amsterdam, because it contains a number of shops with exorbitant prices, besides that it has many museums such as the Mauritschuis Museum which is located on Close to Binnenhof, in which a number of paintings by Dutch artists are displayed.


This city is located on the banks of the River Rhine, and it is located an hour away by a quarter of an hour by car from Amsterdam, and this city is characterized by the abundance of waterways and many ornate bridges, and there are a number of churches that are distinguished by the luxury of its architecture, as it is adorned with a wall of poems that were written in different languages, There is also the National Museum of Antiquities, in addition to that this museum contains many Egyptian antiquities.

Fair and Zealand:

Veer, which is a small city that must be visited when arriving in the Netherlands, that city is located at a distance of about five kilometers from a huge beach that is on the North Sea, and like other Dutch cities where tourists find relaxation and tranquility between the nature sides of the picturesque witch where the open air And in the vicinity of this small city it is possible to visit the picturesque villages that are next to it, where there is a lot of magic for an exceptional who is impossible to get anywhere else, so seizing this opportunity was necessary in order to enjoy the life of the beautiful Dutch countryside among these villages .


It is a small town, its location is located in the interior of the eastern eastern part of the Netherlands, it is located – below the sea level, this interesting town is famous for the splendor of its atmosphere and its charming small houses, where there are wonderful water channels and lush vegetation, and the small city of Geithorn is considered one of the most beautiful cities Globally, as walking around this small city, whether on foot or through riding the rivers, in any case visiting this town is one of the unique experiences because it adds a lot of enjoyment to the trip.


Utrecht is located in the east of Amsterdam, and is considered one of the historical cities in the Netherlands, where there is a huge number of old buildings dating back to the Middle Ages, and the most famous of these buildings is Dome Tower, and the Rhine River pulses in Utrecht, and boating is considered one of the most enjoyable for the city’s tourists And there are many green spaces and windmills, and the most famous means of transportation in this city are the bicycles that the city’s residents depend on for most of their movements.


It is considered one of the small cities that many tourists do not hear about, especially Arab tourists, although this city is no less magnificent than the city of Amsterdam in terms of tourism, so Delft is distinguished by the beauty of its architectural nature and its refreshing atmosphere, in addition to its reputation for manufacturing blue ceramics.


Some call it Venice, because it shares many italyn characteristics with Venice, Italy. Among the most prominent of these is building bridges over rivers. Groningen residents prefer to ride boats and bicycles mainly in most of their movements, which gives them a different character from the rest of the cities, and there is the Groninger Museum of Art that has been It was built in the nineteenth century and is now the most technologically advanced art gallery in the Netherlands.


It is a city located in the northern parts of the State of the Netherlands, where it was created in the eighth century, and this city has great and distinct recreational opportunities, as there are many beautiful buildings, and in the old part of this city it is possible to enjoy the magic of water canals amid the atmosphere of history. Which gives the visitor a clear overview of the state of this city in the centuries past.


Maastricht is the most European city with a purely European character, as this city has its unique and special energy that is not found in any other city in the Netherlands, as it multiplies in languages ​​and cultures as well as delicious dishes, which makes it a center of creativity that includes ideas and is considered one of the most preferred tourist destinations Many to spend nice holidays in European atmosphere.


One of the Dutch cities that is characterized by its tourist character in the world, as it has the largest ports in the world, and Rotterdam is characterized by the existence of the tallest tower in the Netherlands, which is a tower with a length of 185 meters and known as the Euromast tower, when the rise of this tower it is possible to see the city from above while eating in a restaurant Yourmast, besides that it is possible to book a hotel in it, and because in this city there is a port, it is possible to go to the port and have a meal accompanied by friends or family while sitting in front of the sea, this is a beautiful experience as well.

Delta Project:

It is a series of establishments that were built between 1950 and 1997 in the governorates of the Southern Netherlands and Zeeland, in order to protect large areas of the sea and land, and this project consists of dams, locks, dams and barriers for storm surges. This project was declared one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World by the Society of Civil Engineers of America.

Kinderdijk Windmills :

There are still more than a thousand old windmills in the Netherlands, and the Kinderdijk, or Childhood Dam, is the largest gathering of mills, in order to drain the excess water present in reclaimed land that is located below the sea level, so windmills were built throughout, and these mills still retain their shape Good which made it one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Netherlands.

West Frisian Islands:

It is a chain of islands located in the North Sea off the Dutch coast, and these islands in order to separate the North Sea from the shallow sea and Dan Sea, with some intertidal mudflats, and this work is done under the supervision of guides who have a license to reach a number of islands from As you walk through the flat slopes of the low tide.

Hoge Veluwe:

Hoge Veluwe National Park, which is considered one of the largest ongoing nature reserves in the Netherlands, as it consists of meadows and consists of sand dunes and woodlands, and there is the Kohler Moor Museum, and there is with it a huge collection of paintings that Vincent Van Gogh wrote to be located inside the park, and is considered Bicycles are the vehicle that is available to visitors for free while touring the Velofy Hog, due to the large areas that are difficult to reach by car.

Keukenhof Gardens:

It is the largest park in the world and is one of the popular tourist destinations in the Netherlands, where about seven million flowers are planted annually in this garden, such as lily and daffodils, so the garden can be visited in the last week of March until mid-May.

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