Here is an article about roads and transportation, people wake up in the morning to start each of them going from their home to go out to carry out their daily activities, to find themselves sporadic directions in different ways which is the fixed means that enables various types of human transportation means of cars, bicycles, trains and trucks carrying goods From movement and mobility with the primary goal of eliminating the requirements of life from work, study or entertainment.
Today, you have a search for the various methods and transportation and their importance in human life from the website of Arab travelers.

An article on roads and transportation


Roads are the primary place for people to walk with their feet, and they represent a great importance in a person’s life as homes and companies are built on both sides of it and everything that represents the pulse of real life around a person. Roads are also the main link between different countries and countries in addition to linking them between the various inner regions For the same country, as it is the first way to transfer farmers to their different production of plants to other cities.
Roads are the main component of cities and villages, and people call the roads the term “street.” The roads are divided into major roads that crowd people and means of transportation and other sub-ways in which movement and activity decrease. There are also roads that are covered with asphalt and the last dirt or paved road.

Means of transportation and transportation

  • When people take to the streets, they use what is known as “transportation”, which are the mobile conveyors that help them to move from one place to another, especially remote places that are difficult to reach on their feet, and they also use them to transport materials and goods in order to save physical effort and accomplish time .
  • Transportation was not known in its current meaning in ancient historical times, when people depended on their travel for months on foot, and were forced to carry their goods and belongings on their backs or to drag them to the ground throughout their travel leading to damage.
  • The year 5000 B.C. came for people to start finding a way to help them move and travel from one place to another, where they used animals like camels and donkeys to transport them and carry their goods, then 3000 B.C. came to get to know the boats and carts that animals pull as a newer and more efficient way to save effort. And time.
  • Then the means of transportation evolved over the years, passing through the invention of bicycles and cars, so that man can now travel to planets using missiles and spacecraft, bypassing the atmosphere and the dimensions of the globe.

Forms of transportation

The forms, types and means of transport vary greatly in transportation, including:

  • Road transport: Which is mainly based on wheeled carriers that move through it, such as cars, trucks, trains and motorcycles, in addition to heavy vehicles that specialize in transporting goods and freight in the fields of industry and trade.
  • Water transport: By using vehicles that travel in the water such as boats, ships and ferries, these means cross the seas and oceans to deliver individuals and cargo to different countries.
  • Air transport: These are the means of transportation that travel by flying in the sky, such as airplanes of all kinds, which made traveling to the other half of the planet a short journey that does not exceed several hours.

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