This economic program is specially designed for everyone to benefit, especially those with limited incomes.
And because tourism is a legitimate right for everyone and it is not true what many think and unfortunately, the more you spend, the more you will enjoy. Sometimes, spending will be a drain.
The important thing is that I offer you this complete and comprehensive program to spend 15 days in Indonesia for less than 2000 dollars.
Book one of the following hotels from the airport and from the Kaha office in particular or the Endo office, the first is preferred for two days and do not forget to take the hotel card until you can extend after that or change the hotel through a phone call and you have it in the hotel and do all the procedures. After you book the hotel, go to it and take a rest period of no more than two hours, then go out and convert $ 300 into a rupee. And do not forget to choose for you a selection of fresh fruits, especially refined, protein, citrus and bananas. As well as snacks and biscuits you need in the room with tea, and do not forget to buy you a mobile chip type “Simpati”. .
At seven o’clock in the evening, after the traffic subsides and the traffic becomes less, take a taxi and tour the city for an hour, during which you get to know the most important landmarks and most famous streets. Istiqlal Mosque, Monas Tower, Gato Sproto Street, Exercise, Sidraman and Indonesia Square. Do not forget to pass on Hayam Work Street and Kgamada. Then I choose a restaurant for you for dinner and make sure to be Asian, meaning Chinese or seafood on the same street, then return to the hotel to rest.
I think the best hotels for families:
Duaeps Cleanroom. 10.400 KWD
Shambaka Poti. 9.000 KWD
Twin Plaza. 10,000 KWD
Chipotra. 15,000 KWD
Indonesia. 7.500 KWD
Prices with breakfast
the second day
Eat breakfast at the hotel at eight in the morning and then go out to the region of Angola: You can visit Dunia Fantasia for an hour and a half and then the world of the sea for an hour and if you are a fan of swimming do not forget to pass the pool complex in Angola, which is a very fun place even if you do not swim does not prevent From the above mentioned cyanosis. After that, a sailing boat tour for half an hour, and it does not last for long. Then choose one of the seafood restaurants for lunch, congratulations and recovery .. After lunch, he walked to the beach for half an hour “digesting” and then took a taxi and returned to the hotel.
At seven in the evening, after rest, you can go out and visit one of the markets for an hour or a free tour around Jakarta to get to know more then head to Hollywood “one of the fine restaurants” and eat dinner, and this time you have your meal Mexican. Then return to the hotel
* The Angolan region is very beautiful and very simple, especially in Swayat Al-Aseel.
Don’t miss out after afternoon and stroll around the beach.
* The best seafood is Planet fish or Pisan pancakes, and be careful not to sprinkle sugar.
the third day
Eat breakfast at the hotel at eight in the morning, then go out to the Miniature Park and spend half a day there, then return to the hotel to rest. . Then go out to the Monas Tower and walk around its popular market and rural shows, or go up to the top of the tower, as well as get to know the Museum of the tower in the lobby, and then dine in the beginning and sleep.
the fourth day
Eat breakfast at the hotel at six in the morning and then go out to the Angolan region and do not forget to take swimming supplies with you and light clothing and light food “a small bag in which all your requirements are placed” It is preferable to coordinate the cruise a day or two before going out for it through the tourist offices located in Angola and reserve seats for you. Choose one of the following islands “Pottery or Serenity” that you should be on the boat before 8:00 in the morning. A day trip on the most beautiful and clean beaches and romantic romantic.
The trip costs you $ 100 per person including a chalet and three meals means from to. . And by the way, the meal alone is worth $ 100
The fifth day
After returning at five o’clock in the evening, head to the hotel to rest because you are exhausted from swimming too much. . What prevents you from sitting an hour drinking Sumatra coffee in one of the luxurious cafes in the Indonesian market.
the sixth day
Check out the station “The Train” and book a ticket for you on Bandung. Do not forget to book a hotel in Bandung from the office of Kaha who is in the Jambir “Train Station” or as they call it “Station Station” and rely on God for Bandung on a trip for three days. And by the idea of ​​two daily trips to Bandung and the trip takes three hours and I think it will be very enjoyable and memorable. Take a first class ticket and make sure your trip is in the morning. After arriving in Bandung, “City of Flowers,” head to the hotel and take a break, and then tour the city, which is the third city. . And don’t forget to visit Pasar Baru Market.
One of the two hotels suggested:
Santika. 160
Savoy Homan. 140
the seventh day
Rent a car early in the morning and head to the Tanjuban Brahu crater, but this is about an hour and a half away, and it is a mistake for a man, but you are beautiful. You see over the Cheatre area, the “sulfurous waters” is a very beautiful tourist area, then tea plantations. This is the most prominent features of Bandung
The eighth day
You do not have to wake up from the morning of God, the best is a good wind, and then take a tour of Bandung for you and be as follows: a visit to the Asia-Africa Museum, a visit to Al-Jinz Street and a visit to its popular market and sitting in the very beautiful Bandung Gardens.
The ninth day
Rent a car and take it back to the Punjak. Take a turn on hotels, including Jakarta Jakarta, Sarova, Novus, and villas, and choose the most suitable one in one of the luxury complexes, such as peer camels, lotus or flowers. . The hotel is better and more affordable in such cases.
The price of the hotel does not exceed 120 riyals and the price of the car is approximately 130.
The tenth day
Eating breakfast at the hotel at eight in the morning and then going out to the flower garden is a very wonderful area, especially at the end of the week, Saturday and Sunday “Of course the area is very beautiful and has a popular market for the most prominent rural products there.
Then a free mountain tour, a visit to the Lido lake “if there is time” or climb to the summit of the Punjak and take memorial photos. Of course, you have a driver and he will guide you for the better. … You can also visit the waterfall, which is a very beautiful place, especially on holidays, but it needs fitness because you are going up a stairway to topple your heart.
You agree with the drivers a full day for 130 riyals, including gasoline.
The eleventh day
This day is devoted to visiting a safari park and of course this park is very beautiful and needs you for a full day. . An hour’s tour of the park, and then the dolphin shows, bears, elephants, or any shows, then a tour of the tripliks, through which you can see the garden from above and all that it bears of beautiful beauty and charm. When you come back from the garden, you can stop at Rendu Alam restaurant, and it is considered one of the best tourist restaurants in the region. Remember the “Nasi Qurnaq Sama Odang” meal. This is if you ate it once, you would never forget it, which is a shrimp with fried rice. After lunch, sure, he wouldn’t have arrived at the hotel before five o’clock in the evening. And do not forget if you are tired of the vinegar of the drivers, it wraps you on the Pongjak in a brief way to see the most beautiful residential complexes in the mountain. You are back and wisest.
Twelfth day
Add your luggage and return Jakarta. After relaxing in the hotel, remember that your days in Jakarta are now only one fingers, so use your time and do not sleep and sleep a lot. Post your trip for shopping and gifts. . Before shopping, you can visit one of the following markets:
Wish you click. . Chipotra. . Sugo .. Sunyan. . Block M. . This is tourism, not shopping, it means just watching.
Wish you click is considered the best because it includes a cinema, a ski hall and many high-end brands and stores. And the Indonesian market “Sooqo” is considered a high-class market “aristocratic”
Thirteenth day
This is a shopping day, but there are relatively popular and cheap markets:
They are driven. Clothes, bags, electronics and antiques.
By Barrow. . Classy shoes. . Sports equipment .. clothes. .
Shambaka Mas and has the center of Curveur. .. clothes … mobile phones. .
There are very popular and cheap markets, but you need to beware like the Seneen Market and the Taman Fini Market
Fourteenth day
The last day of the trip You can spend this day visiting the markets or wandering around the city, and usually on the last day, ideas are lost, cards are confused and there are many concerns, so leave this day to your own concerns. I would also recommend visiting the Sarina Center, which is a tourist market consisting of eight floors, each floor specializing in a type of product. . Clothes . . Accessories and perfumes. . Antiques and gifts. . stationary . . Mathematical tools and excursion supplies. . children section . . Women’s Clothing . . I mean, anything that you forgot to buy, you will get it in Sarina, but pay the difference.
I also recommend writing your notes or a brief idea about the trip that anyone can benefit from or leave to remember.
The fifteenth day
Add your luggage and bid farewell to the city.
salamat datang.
Keep light clothing: shorts and cotton clothes to absorb moisture. . Also heavy clothes for the punchback at night because the area is very cold.
Make sure to have an ambulance bag that includes analgesics and antibiotics, because the medicines they have sell them in a pill, and God does not answer you.
Jam Karja Bulan or Bulan Karja, I mean, try that you do not go out at the time of the employees going out or leaving the working hours, which is approximately from 8:30 to 9:30 in the morning and from 5:00 to 6:00 in the evening because they are crowded and will sit in the taxi for more than an hour, unless your way is high. As fast as Angola.
Remember the name of the train station “Kanbir” and the airport “Soekarno Hatta” and Terminal 2.
This is a SIMBAT SIM card from any market, so it is important to organize your trip, shorten distances and save your work by phone.
Getting around in Jakarta by Taxi Blue Bird. . On the mountain, I agree with one of the two markets, and I will mention some of them.
Some places prefer to visit on “Saturday and Sunday” holidays, and some on the contrary, as shown in the schedule in determining the days.

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