I came back a week ago from Comoros and I would like to give you information about accommodation, shopping and the general atmosphere of the country
Stay in Comoros When you arrive at the airport, you can take a taxi and go to one of these hotels
Comoros can be reached from the Gulf countries through Yemeni or Kenyan airlines

Secondly, the airport in the Comoros is Haihaia airport, and it does not require obtaining a prior visa to enter the Comoros. You can obtain a visa in the al-Masar for 60 euros
There are three main hotels on the island
The first, which is Easendrau, has been completely renovated, and it is a modern hotel that has all the facilities available.
The second is the Ronnie Hotel, which is one of the oldest hotels on the island, and its management has been handed over to a Qatari company. It is an excellent hotel located directly on the sea. It has a swimming pool and is considered almost in the center of the capital, Moroni.
Thirdly, the Kartala hotel, which is a newly opened hotel, is located in a lush area at the beginning of the rainforest, and it is a beautiful and elegant hotel with a swimming pool (thank God there is no alcohol) and if you are an internet user then this hotel is an excellent internet and an important feature in this The hotel has a restaurant from which you can monitor the entire island from a high place

As for car rental, there are several car rental companies, the most important of which is General Nicos Phone Number
It is a distinct island, like a honeymoon, or for people wishing to visit a part of the world that is completely free from environmental pollution
If you want to buy any products from the supermarket, there is an excellent supermarket called Sawa Berry, which is very close to Le Moroti Hotel.

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