Among the most famous tourist attractions in the city of Vienna is the Colorful Danube, as it is considered one of the most famous rivers in Europe, as it has been composed and sung many national songs that are related to the Austrian heritage as it is considered a famous tourist attraction, and it is worth noting also that it is not There is a river in the world, such as the Colorful Danube, which includes a large number of countries from European countries on its banks during its journey to the Black Sea, which is its source in Germany, and the area of ​​this distinct river is the Colorful Danube to about two thousand eight hundred and eight and Almost eighty square kilometers, it is also worth noting However, this great river starts from the west and heads to the Black Sea in the east, and through this trip it passes with about ten European countries, which come in these order as it starts in Germany and passes through Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romenia and Moldova. And Bulgaria and ends at the State of Ukraine.

And one of the most important features of this great river is that it is considered one of the most important factors of cultural diversity among the peoples of this country and the diversity of religions that spread in these countries and different cultures as well, as it lends along its banks a lot of legendary beauty that captivates the eyes of many tourists with The different countries that overlook it, which contains the most beautiful natural scenic green and scenic views, which give a wonderful view in taking memorial photos on the coast of this wonderful river, the Danube, as it has also contributed to a large role in writing and recording European history as it is most History and Europeans have been written on its coast It has been a major cause as it also includes the coast many important tourist attractions of the castles and religious monasteries and palaces of different cultures as this river has greatly contributed to the influence on the civilizations and transmitted from one country to another on the way.

Also, the Vienna state government organizes many river tours and trips that include many local tourists and expatriates from different countries of the world to take them on a trip they will never forget in the colorful Danube river, which takes them on a historical trip, where they show in front of them many famous historical facilities And that belonged to the ancient European emperors and kings, who would be freeing from the medieval land of Regensburg from Vienna, which would reach them to Budapest, which is the official capital of the Hungarian state.

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