The Peace Hotel, formerly called (Chelsea Tower), which has a height of two hundred and fifty meters and is the seventeenth tower in the list of the tallest towers in Dubai, except that when it was built and opened in 2005, it was ranked fifth, and one of the most important destinations that tourists intend to spend quality time when visiting them The city of Dubai .

Its geographical location on Sheikh Zayed Road – the commercial center area ensures that you are close to the most important landmarks in the city, including amusement parks, beaches, museums, malls, gardens, chalets and restaurants such as Burj Khalifa, which can be seen clearly from the balcony of hotel rooms, Jumeirah Beach Beach as well as Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Mall, and easy access for guests due to its proximity to the central metro stations

Information about Al Salam Hotel

The Peace Hotel is one of the forms of success that the Dubai government, headed by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has for decades been keen on drawing and overcoming all difficulties and providing all possibilities and keenness to build facilities with international standards and standards in order to make Dubai an incubator of technological development and urban progress and open the doors of investment What opened the door for competition to hundreds of businessmen in putting their confidence and investing their money in building the most luxurious resorts and tourist places such as the Dolphin Bay, which is located in Dubai Atlantis and is one of the most important citizens of the Dolphin in the world.
In this bay, visitors get the opportunity to swim and dive with them, as well as the aquatic zoo called “Dubai Aquarium” which is home to the most diverse group of marine animals in the world, as it includes more than three thousand species of marine creatures along with hundreds of sharks, rain forests and rocky beaches. Penguins, jellyfish, etc., and the many places that Dubai is full of, made it adorned with suspense, adventure, romance, comedy, live dance shows and even the enthusiastic atmosphere and made it – Dubai – excel in attracting families of all ages and all countries and make it a visit This is an unforgettable experience

Peace hotel rooms

The vast areas of the hotel, which consists of about fifty floors, two hundred and eighty rooms and a hotel apartment, featuring the most luxurious equipment and the latest appliances, as each room has a kitchen and two bathrooms equipped with cooking utensils and utensils, a coffee machine with air conditioning, a microwave, an iron, a refrigerator, a dishwasher and laundry facilities.
Besides places designated for dining and equipped with soundproofing and blackout curtains, luggage storage and overcoming difficulties for people with special needs, special rooms for non-smokers and meeting, in addition to providing additional care for infants and children.
In addition to the availability of many features near the hotel such as a health club, swimming pool, sauna rooms, golf course, skiing and paragliding, which makes it an ideal destination for a stay characterized by comfort, relaxation and luxury and meets all tastes, especially that you will find in it all the options that you and your family aspire to.

Services and facilities of the Peace Hotel

The hotel management is keen that its guests enjoy 24-hour room service and provide cars for them to transport them to and from the places they will visit during their trip to Dubai, with the possibility of canceling the reservation or changing it without hesitation or fear of paying fees or losing reservation costs

Banned at the Peace Hotel

The policy of those in charge of this hotel is inconsistent with the possibility of holding wedding and special occasions parties such as birthdays, anniversaries and bachelors parties, and it also prohibits persons who are not registered in the reservation to be present at the place with some of their guests and an additional fee is paid for each person who may wish one of the guests to Hosting it, as pets are forbidden, and spouses must present proof of their marriage and registration at the hotel via credit or government card.

Sockets on the Peace Hotel

During a tour of the reviews of people who were guests earlier in the hotel, there were many complaints related to the lack of elevators in parallel with the very large number of floors and rooms, which makes waiting a little long, in addition to paying an additional fee for Wi-Fi service up to one hundred dirhams One day which they saw is greatly exaggerated.
Without that being among the free features that hotel guests enjoy, and also some of the demands for renewing the furniture of the hotel apartments, which they described as old and consumed, as well as the high price of breakfast meals that are offered ..

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