Asian tourist destinations in winter

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Are you looking for a different winter vacation this year? Asian tourist destinations in the winter offer a lot of pleasure and uniqueness with a moderate and wonderful climate in many of them at a time when other parts of the world are living in cold and cold winter. What do you think about discovering with us Asian tourist destinations in the winter to visit this year and experience the magic and uniqueness of Asia?


A special destination where you can spend a full winter day without thinking about how to protect your hands from the cold! The weather in Cambodia is not always sunny and not too cold, providing every vacation that is perfect for your family. If you want to regain the summer atmosphere, you can head to the excellent “Lonely” beaches or “Coconuts”. If you want to see one of the Seven Wonders of the World, you should head to the “Angkor Wat” temple, which is the largest religious shrine in the world.


Besides the famous Bali, Indonesia has other great tourist attractions that you can visit during the winter. For example, we choose the perfect town of Yogyakarta to discover a range of magnificent temples in Indonesia. After your historical and cultural visits, what do you think that you took a step towards the wonderful waters of Raja Ampat, which means “4 kings”, and enjoyed swimming in the midst of winter.


When we talk about Asian tourist destinations in the winter, this country may not come to mind. But the experience you will get when you visit Laos is different and unique, as it includes the most spectacular waterfalls in Southeast Asia, especially in Bulavin Plateau in the southern part of the country. You can also discover the capital, Vientiane, specifically the Wat Si Muang Temple, which is visited by thousands every year.


This country is also known as the “Burma” previously and is considered the largest on land in the Southeast Asia region. Pagan, in the middle of the country, is one of the most amazing archaeological sites in the world, and you can discover the region during a hot air balloon tour. These tours last between October and March. As for the capital, Yangon, it gained the title of Garden City in the East, thanks to its possession of many parks, gardens and lush tropical trees. It also includes a large number of temples, markets and museums.


In the Philippines, the largest group of tropical islands in the world in the Pacific Ocean and most of them are beautiful with white sand, pink and even black … So you cannot choose Asian tourist destinations in the winter without mentioning the Philippines. You can also visit the city of Davao in the south of the country, which is a popular destination especially for lovers of natural reserves and eco-tourism, and the region includes many important attractions such as the “Aden” Nature Reserve and the park, which takes tourists in a world of thick forests and simple wildlife.

East Timor

A country promising tourist opportunities that you will know during your visit to it. You are a fan of walking and stargazing at the same time, visiting Ramlo Mountain offers you a rare opportunity to mix these two things. The mountains are located on both sides of Dili, the capital on the sea side. The coast of East Timor is characterized by coral reefs and virgin beaches.


Vietnam has another beautiful side that has nothing to do with war, as most movies have imagined it. It has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world of travel. Halong Bay is the jewel of precious tourism in Vietnam, and is a popular destination for travelers from all over the world to witness crowds of tourists in peak seasons, despite the moderate weather throughout the year. And Hue deserves to be on the list of cities that must be visited in Vietnam due to its ancient history that exceeds two thousand years, the one who comes to this place feels that he is in one of the imaginary villages from ancient times.

Asian tourist destinations in winter - Asian tourist destinations in winter
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