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The island of Atlantis, which is considered a legendary island in the Atlantic Ocean, is located west of the Strait of Gibraltar. The existence of this legendary island was derived from the dialogues of Plato, as was mentioned about 9000 years before Solon’s birth, where the priests described it as a rich island occupied by powerful princes who lived in the lands of the White Sea The Mediterraneans were defeated by both the ethnicities and their allies, and eventually the Atlanteans became evil and their village was swallowed by the sea as a result of earthquakes.

The legendary Atlantis Island

The legend of Atlantis began to spread 2500 years ago, as it spread around a society from the past that enjoyed an abundance of natural resources, great military power, strong engineering and distinctive construction and intellectual achievements that caused great progress for these lands, and described this island as a continent-size region that possesses rich soil and clean abundant water, In addition to plant and animal diversity, hot natural springs, and many mineral revolutions, especially gold and precious stones, all slaves performed manual work, which allowed the elite of people to pursue knowledge and enjoy sporting events and promote the prosperity of society, as well as The population who lived in Atlantis since the nineteenth century because of their possession of the technology necessary to generate electricity, build aviation machines and use nuclear energy for power generation and war was appreciated, that is, they evolved nearly 9,000 years before these things appeared in modern society.

The truth about Atlantis Island

Scientists believe that Atlantis already exists where ocean explorer Robert Ballard, who discovered the wreck of the Titanic, notes that what Plato wrote about Atlantis is true, that this myth speaks of a region that has been destroyed since the catastrophic floods and volcanic eruptions that occurred throughout history, and the story of Atlantis’s destruction is similar to The massive volcanic eruption that destroyed Santorini in the Aegean near Greece, but Ballard does not believe that Santorini is the same as Atlantis because the time of the eruption does not coincide with the date on which Plato mentioned the destruction of Atlantis, and it is believed that Plato had invented the story of Atlantis to convey the Through his philosophical narratives, through which his thoughts are based on the divine nature versus human, ideal societies and societal corruption.

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