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the two seas

Bahrain is located in the Arab Gulf region, specifically east of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and shares its maritime borders with Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and its official capital, Manama, gained independence in 1971 from the United Kingdom and became independent and declared an independent kingdom, and is considered a country with a constitutional monarchy.

The most important places in Bahrain

The State of Bahrain is distinguished by the presence of several places that a tourist can visit from the most important of these places:

  • Bahrain Fort: The castle is one of the important historical monuments in Bahrain, as it is evidence of a group of historical events in the region. The castle is located in the capital, Manama, on top of an archeological hill. The castle has been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage.
  • Manama Market: It is located in the center of the city of Manama, and it is a busy and lively market, which includes a number of old and modern stores that include different types of spices, fabrics, clothes, nuts, handicrafts, and dried fruits.
  • Bahrain National Museum: It is the first museum in the Arab Gulf region, it was opened in 1988 AD, located opposite a lake that is distinguished by its beauty, which gave its sculptural architectural design and its stone facades a special beauty. Existing in Bahrain, which indicates the rich history of Bahrain, the museum covers about 6000 years of Bahrain’s history, and it also contains two halls dedicated to local customs and traditions, such as: popular clothing and traditional housing, and there is a hall dedicated to art, which includes a group of The money of Bahrain’s most famous artists, and another hall hosting the most important exhibitions from all over the world.
  • Block 338: The complex is located in the Adliya area, as it is a charming place for pedestrians, full of international restaurants that satisfy all tastes and individuals with its Bahraini and international dishes, and includes art galleries, it is an attraction for the arts; there is a gallery gallery that displays the work of Bahraini and international artists, in addition to the presence of shops .
  • Tea tree: This tree is located in the middle of the Bahrain desert, it is nearly four centuries old, and it is a legend due to its survival so far. The tree lives at elevated temperatures, about 10 meters long.
  • Al-Fatih Mosque: It is located in Al-Qudaibiya area, and the mosque is the largest building in the city of Bahrain, built in 1984 AD, it is an important and wonderful place to learn about the Islamic religion, the mosque accommodates approximately 7000 worshipers.

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