The city of Hallstatter sits on the banks of Lake Hallstatter, which is 8.5 km long and no more than 2 km wide and is characterized by the amazing landscapes surrounding it and its beauty is linked to the cities of Salzburg and Graz in Austria and contains a group of traditional small villages.

The scenic Lake Hallstatter is located in the Salkammergut region between the towering Dashstein mountain ranges and surrounded by steep slopes to form a wonderful fjord. It is also the most important lake in the Alps thanks to its beautiful beaches and charming mountain views and is suitable for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Activities include fishing, diving, swimming and riding Bikes in the surrounding mountains contain a variety of rare plants and animals.

The Hallstatt Salt World Hotel is one of the most beautiful sights in the city and can be reached via cable car or hanging rail. It contains the historic Rudolf Tower and the Skywalk platform that overlooks the breathtaking landscape of the city, along with the underground Lake Sol and the ancient salt mine that displays It has ancient and modern mining methods.
Snow lovers can head to the Dachstein Salkammergut peaks range, which ranges from two thousand to three thousand meters, and contains a group of winter ski resorts, and large glaciers such as Gross Gossau and Hallstattr.

These mountains are also famous for the wonderful Dashstein Caves, a network of caves up to 1,174 meters deep in the Eastern Alps and includes giant ice cave and caves that contain stunning frozen waterfalls where concerts are held underground, in addition to the Mammoth Cave which consists of huge galleries in the form of Tubes.

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