Among the most important forests that a large number of tourists are keen to visit, especially in the winter, the forests of Idus, which are located in the center of Istanbul, are characterized by natural charm and picturesque nature. If you love calm, you can spend a pleasant time away from the hustle and bustle that permanently accompanies Istanbul.

It is characteristic of the Edos forests that it is close to the coast, close to the public street e5 in Istanbul. This makes it a park that can spend a day inside with family and parents, provided that residence within Istanbul is characterized by the presence of vast green spaces and distinctive trees such as oak and pine trees, one of the best activities that you can Doing it in the woods is running activities, especially in the morning hours of the day, cycling, walking between trees and picturesque nature, so it is one of the best places that visitors love to exercise, it is very ideal for that also suitable for bike riding The air where the establishment of racing bicycles from time to time in the forest where the area AIDOS of the most widely known areas of bicycles in the city of Istanbul

Also you can take pictures in a very wonderful and beautiful nature and for yourself. You can also take pictures of the beloved selfies behind you, the lake, the square, the tall trees and greenery. The region is famous for its paintball shooting game. It is a very special activity especially for Arabs who love sports. It is a distinctive sport that empties energy and increases the vitality and activity of the mind and body together.

The visitor can participate in the barbecues that take place in the forest or make a party with friends individually can also enjoy safari and night camping is more suitable for young people also lovers of hunting and fishing can spend a fun time in fishing from the lake or hunting for wild animals in specific places of the forest Be with a certain subscription that you can spend a very distinctive weekly holiday in that forest. It is also suitable to accompany the family and children to spend time of activity and fun on the shores of the lake and pools of water. You can also grill fish on enlightenment One of the distinctive activities on the shores of the lake The forest provides places for that ..

In general, if you are a lover of nature and tranquility and various activities such as fishing, hunting and aerial sports such as biking and water bikes and photography you never miss going to that forest in the charming center of Istanbul. You can rent a car for that purpose easily, do not forget to take the appropriate camera to that place You take a number of very special photos. If you are a photographer, you will find distinctive scenes of scenery that you will not find anywhere else of the monuments, along with entertainment with family and friends, barbecues, and especially the barbecuing parties on fish that are very special with the nature of the place and the Brigade pure Bey.

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