Ras al-Bar saw a lot of development and reform, after meeting the opinions on the impossibility of remaining old in nature that contradicts urban development and progress in the modern era, so services and facilities were provided, and it became one of the most important tourist cities in Egypt, and tourism development plans were implemented and planned In the form of making it a resort that suits all categories and levels.

The road to Ras al-Barr

Port Said: Damietta – Ras al-Bar.
Cairo: Banha, Mit Ghamr, Mansoura, Sherbin, Ras al-Bar.
Alexandria: International Road – Ras El Bar.

The most important beaches of Ras El Bar

Ras El Bar contains many beaches, hotels and recreational places, which made it the sight of many wishing to spend their summer vacations, or even for entertainment and fun in times of winter.
_ Palm Beach .
_ Families Beach, 109 Street.
Beach 51.
These beaches are distinguished by its distinguished location and distinguished services. All the beaches of Ras El-Bar are affiliated to the Regional Authority for the Promotion of Tourism in Damietta, and the authority rents them to the private sector to provide services for visitors.

Corniche sea

It extends along the coast from 18th Street to 107th Street and includes a coastal walkway of 2.50 km in length, about 10 meters in width, and includes a large number of beach services, restaurants and cafeterias.

Gulf area

The goal of the Gulf was to restore the beaches that are eroding them. It is worth noting that this region is characterized by calm and limited waves, which leads to the restoration of large parts of the eroded beaches.

Tongue area

The tongue region is known as Ras al-Barr with its importance, which is characterized by the convergence of the waters of the Mediterranean with the waters of the Nile, and the greatness of the Creator is evident in this matter.
The tongue area is one of the most important areas of Ras El Bar. It is a tourist walkway located on the east coast of Ras El Bar Resort. It has been reinforced with barriers to protect the beaches from erosion. The tongue area is the most beautiful for walks at night.
It is worth noting that the tongue area has witnessed a lot of development work and many shops, cafeterias and restaurants have been established at the foot of the walkway.
A stage theater has been established on the right side of the tongue area in order to present concerts and art shows, in addition to the sound and light project that tells about the history of Damietta and Ras al-Barr.

Nile Street

The Nile Street has witnessed a series of developments and is an important walkway that contains a large number of hotels, casinos, restaurants and shops. The Nile Street directly overlooks the Nile River and between them is a Corniche that was developed, modernized and provided with the necessary lighting.

New Tongue Hotel

Development projects in the tongue area included the establishment of an international hotel, consisting of five floors, all of which rooms overlook either the Nile or the Mediterranean Sea, and the hotel contains a number of swimming pools, restaurants and halls, and all services are available, and it is worth mentioning that the eastern bank of the river was developed The Nile (the city of Izbat Al-Burj) commensurate with the development taking place in the tongue area and the modern architectural systems of the hotel.

Al-Jerbi tourist area

This region is of a therapeutic nature that distinguishes it from the rest of the regions, and it is famous for its dry sand that contains thorium, which treats rheumatic diseases, and it has many casinos overlooking the Nile River.

The village of Ras al-Bar Zaman 1

This village was established on 109th Street and was designed in the old style of Ras El Bar, which was characterized by privacy as it separates each housing unit from the other four roads and the units directly overlooking the beach, and the opposite road to the cars, there is no intersection with the movement of pedestrians. The village is surrounded by a fence separating it from the inconvenience, allowing privacy and tranquility for the region’s residents and residents. The village includes a four-acre stadiums area, a 1743-square-meter commercial center, and contains a mosque, and its beach is characterized by the presence of seating and pergolas, and a number of swimming pools.

The village of Ras al-Bar Zaman 2

This village is characterized by its calmness and it is like its predecessor Ras Al Bar Zaman 1 village, it contains housing units between each unit and her sister four roads and has swimming pools and seating areas.

Port Said Street

Port Said Street has witnessed a great development where the movement of pedestrians was separated from the movement of cars with green areas. Port Said Street starts from the entrance of Ras El Bar to the tongue area, which is one path and is a major erasure of the pedestrian movement in Ras El Bar, which is the third axis after the Nile Corniche and the seashore, and the most important characteristic of greenery Dense and palm trees.

The most important recreational areas in Ras El Bar

Cinema and theater of the Republic, Nile Street.
Cinema and theater of Ras El-Bar Nile Street.
Al-Andalus Cinema, Port Said Street.
Circus World Urban Extension.
Theme park Port Said Street.
The Palm Beach cinema, Palm Beach.
Swimming pools for children Al-Jerbi tourist area.
The ship, Khouloud El Nil, Al Jarbi area – El Nil St..

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