Bahrain Airways or Gulf Air has been the national airline for the Kingdom of Bahrain since 1950, which has also made it the first commercial airline in the Middle East and one of the world leaders with its flights spanning major cities around the world.
The Bahrain Air fleet includes 34 aircraft of varying size, in addition to 39 other aircraft that it is expected to join in the years 2020 to 2023, including the Airbus 320-200, ER-320, ER-321, 200A-330, 330-200B, and Boeing 787- 9.
The Bahrain Air fleet departs from its main base at Bahrain International Airport on the island of Muharraq, north of the capital, Manama, to 47 destinations in approximately 26 countries.
The article reviews in detail the most important advantages and services that Gulf Air offers its customers, and the most common questions that many people have in mind.

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Bahrain Airlines features

Bahraini Airlines provides its customers with many benefits that guarantee their comfort and satisfaction during the flight and beyond, such as:
Comfortable seats with legroom, loungers and relaxing massages.
Delicious food with fresh ingredients and customized drinks with special menus.
• Special care for patients and those with special needs.
• Facilitate travel, visa and ticket booking procedures via the Bahrain Airline website.
High quality modern TV screens and headphones to follow the various entertainment contents, with shopping magazines and Wi-Fi to surf the internet on board.
• Special care for children and infants, with or without facilities, as well as for pets for passengers and passengers traveling on air cargo planes.
• Individual and family loyalty program to earn points and exchange them for gifts, rewards and discounts in multiple fields.
• Providing after-flight services such as hotel reservation, car rental, restaurant reservations and discounts in shopping centers.
• Caring for and tracking the luggage automatically in case it is lost or late and facilitating procedures for receiving it after finding it.

Onboard services

On its aircraft, Bahrain Airways offers many services that guarantee its passengers a safe, comfortable, luxurious and satisfying flight such as:

the food

Bahrain Airways provides regular travelers on its long flights to various parts of the world a varied and delicious selection of appetizers, cheeses and main European and Middle Eastern dishes, with warm drinks such as tea, coffee and fine alcohol of all kinds.


Bahraini Airlines offers its regular travelers a variety of audio and visual contents to suit all ages and tastes, such as children’s cartoons, the latest and largest library of international films, music tracks, programs and TV and radio contents.
the shopping
Bahrain Airways offers passengers on its flights a magazine with the latest and best discounts and offers to buy in the air from the duty free shops that deal with the company.


Bahraini Airlines provides comfortable seats with legroom and a movable headrest that helps to lie down and sleep, in addition to headphones to follow the entertainment contents during the flight, Wi-Fi.

Travel classes on Bahraini Airlines

Bahraini Airlines offers its passengers two classes for traveling on its flights, each of which differs in the benefits it provides to the passenger:

economy class

This traveler has comfortable seats and movable headrests for greater comfort.
Touch screens to follow the latest movies, games and entertainment programs for all ages and tastes.
Delicious meals are pre-determined when booking on the website, taking into account those with a healthy, ideological diet.

Falcon degree

Comfortable seats with massage, enough foot comfort and a healthy headrest to help sleep, lie down and relax.
15-inch screens and high-quality modern headphones to follow the entertainment contents of games, movies, and TV and radio programs.
Allow a free overload of 15 kg for silver card holders, 23 kg for black card holders, 32 kg for gold card holders.
Providing baby-sitters and babies and Wi-Fi to surf the internet during the trip.
On-demand cuisine for long-haul travelers prepared by professional chefs.

Bahrain Air and baggage policy

Bahraini Airlines allows its passengers, adults and children aged two years and over in the Golden Hawk class, to carry two bags of 32 kg each with a handbag of 9 kg free of charge.
Economy class passengers carry two 23 kg bags each with a free 6 kg backpack.
Children less than two years are allowed luggage of no more than 15 kg, in addition to a rollaway chair and a moving baby car, with 3 kg inside the cabin of the aircraft.
In the event that the free cargo allowed by Bahraini Airlines on its flights is exceeded, 75 to 150 dollars are paid for each bag weighing 23 to 32 kg for passengers in the economy-economy class, or 120 to 240 dollars for each additional bag weighing 32 kg for travelers with Golden Falcon , And prepayment by country of destination is made through the website of Bahrain Air, or through reservation offices or airport customer service staff.
And for those wishing to bring their pets during the flight, Bahraini Airlines does not accept their presence in the plane’s cabin or luggage storage places, but it can be booked with its own baggage on cargo flights.

The most important destinations of Bahraini Airlines

Bahrain Airways directs its flights to 47 destinations in 26 countries across continents: Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.
Perhaps one of the most important destinations of Bahrain Gulf Airlines:
Bahrain Airways flights to / from Dubai
Bahrain Airways flights to / from Riyadh
Flights Bahrain to / from Muscat
Flights Bahrain to / from Cairo
Bahrain Airways flights to / from Kuwait
Bahrain Airways flights to / from Beirut
Bahrain Airways flights to / from Casablanca

Summary of customer reviews

Gulf Air (Bahrain Air) has received a rating of 3.5 / 5 on Tripadvisor to evaluate flights and book tickets, according to reviews of 1129 travelers who have previously traveled on Bahrain Air.

Book tickets on Bahrain Airways

To save time, effort and convenience for the Bahraini website, the Bahraini website provides the opportunity to book and pay for tickets and overloads on board its flights easily, or through the offices of travel agents of Bahrain Air in various countries of the world.

Completion of travel procedures

For more convenience to Bahrain Airways customers, the company’s website provides a list of all travel needs, and the requirements set by each country to which Bahraini planes go to obtain their visa, but this does not preclude contacting the embassy or consulate of the destination country.

common questions

During this segment, we answer all common questions that may arise in your mind regarding travel on Bahrain Airways, such as:
What is the Falcon Program on Bahrain Airways?
It is a program to earn the loyalty of the Bahraini Gulf permanent customers by creating an account on the company’s website through which points or so-called miles can be earned and exchanged for free tickets or discounts on hotel reservations, restaurants, shopping and entertainment centers, car rental and special facilities when dealing with partner banks, and it can also be created A family account that includes all its family members with its privileges.
The number of points and the benefits that they offer, such as the nature of the seat, the class and the weight of the luggage, vary according to the color of the card in black, silver, and gold.

What are the most important after travel services that Bahrain Air provides to its customers?

Gulf Air provides after-travel services in the form of hotel or restaurant reservations, car rental and bus provision to reach the residence in the destination country, special offers when shopping and dealing with banks and communication companies.

Does Bahrain Airlines allow unaccompanied children to travel on their flights?

Bahraini Airlines allows children from the age of 5 to 11 years to travel on board their flights without an escort, with the possibility of assigning air facilities as requested by the parents or guardian, with the sponsorship of paying a full ticket to the escort and the child as an adult, and to complete the required forms and documents and the need to be notified if the child is ill or suffers from a disability Physical or mental measures to take care of him during the trip.

How does Bahraini Airlines deal with medical conditions and people with special needs?

Bahraini airlines do not accept the travel of pregnant women after week 36 and week 32 in the event of twins, as well as newborns and births during the first week of birth.
In the event of a satisfactory problem, such as unstable diabetes, blood pressure disorder, asthma, hypoxia, or physical or mental disability, the physician following the case must fill out a form with the required medical data related to his patient at least three days before the travel date to obtain a permit to travel the case on board the Bahraini lines And assess the size of the medical preparations that you need, as Bahrain Airways provides breathing oxygen and transporters in economy class 100 kg, i.e. prepaid 5 seats.

What are the procedures followed by Bahraini Airlines to recover lost baggage?

In the event of delay in the receipt or loss of bags and luggage, contact and submit an application to the Bahrain Aviation website or to its nearest office and obtain a reference number to benefit from it in following up the progress of the request and determine the place of receipt of the bags when they are found.

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