the two seas

The state of Bahrain is a small city, located in the Gulf on the southwestern coast of the Arabian Gulf, which is an archipelago consisting of a group of islands, including Bahrain and nearly 30 other smaller ones, but the number of islands has increased to 84 due to re-ownership projects that were prevalent It shares its borders with Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Iran, and Bahrain is the largest of these islands in terms of area and population, with a population of about 940 thousand people, and an area of ​​approximately 590.7 square kilometers, and Al-Hawar Islands occupies the second place followed by Muharraq Island, then Umm Al-Naasan Islands and Durrat Al Bahrain .

Bahrain Tourist Islands

Dar Islands

These islands are located near the port of Sitra, which is an important port for fishermen, which are natural beaches. He can see the natural dolphins, and enjoy barbecues on the island. There are also a number of chalets in the island, tourist resorts that provide accommodation services, exhale the comfort of the visitor, the island is characterized by pearl fishing, and this is through diving trips to pearl fishing on the island’s bottoms.

Hawar Island

The island is located in the south of Bahrain, near the State of Qatar, as it was a point of dispute between Bahrain and Qatar, and then it was ruled by the International Court of Justice in The Hague in favor of the State of Bahrain, it is an archipelago that includes a number of small islands of up to 14 islands, the importance of the island is tourism And economically from the presence of natural gas in it, it is one of the wild natural reserves that includes many wild animals, plants and migratory birds because it is located in the middle of the way of bird migration, the island is characterized by its attractive natural natural beaches,

Jarada Island

Jaradah Island is characterized by the presence of coral reefs in it, its beautiful climate, warm sun, white sands, and clear fresh water. The pearly island also includes a variety of different types of fish and dolphins that exist alongside the coral reefs. The island is also distinguished by its delicious Arabic food.

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