In which country is the Maldives located?

المسافرون العرب

the moldive Islands

The Maldives is located in the continent of Asia, specifically in the Indian Ocean, which is an independent country, and not affiliated with any other country, and consists of a group of small islands, which is a Muslim country, as all of its inhabitants follow the Islamic religion, and the Arabs were previously called Dissolution of the deadlines, and in the year 1965 AD, it declared its independence after it was under British colonial rule, and its population is approximately 309 thousand, and its capital is Male, and in 1982 AD it became a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. And it contains many hotels and resort It is magnificent, and the capital Male is considered one of its most beautiful cities, and most attractive to tourists, as it is characterized by the abundance of its markets and mosques, but as for the language spoken by the residents of the Maldives, it is the Dhivehi language, which has many Arab vocabulary and terminology, and it is considered one of the countries that he heads and handles its affairs Only the president of the state appoints the ministers and officials.]].

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Maldives website

It is located on the northern side of the western coast of Sri Lanka, where it is about four hundred miles away, and about 350 miles from the southern Arab side of India, and about the southern side of Diogasia approximately 240 miles, and it is bordered on the north-eastern side of Acadiv, and on the north side a sea The war, and from the southwestern side the Indian Ocean ..

Information on the Maldives

General information about the Maldives includes:

  • It is considered a beautiful tourist resort, as many tourists come to it every year from all over the world.
  • It has many picturesque and large tourist resorts, which are meticulously designed.
  • The Maldives includes many small atolls, where they are divided into many areas, some of them are for housing, while the other part is for tourism, fishing, building resorts, and hotels.
  • The inhabitants of the Maldives are from Sri Lanka and the Indian subcontinent.
  • Its residents are famous for working in the trade of sea shells, amber and fish, as fishing is one of the most talents of the Maldives.
  • It contains many types of fish.
  • The flag of the Maldives consists of three colors, which are red, which symbolizes the blood of martyrs, the green color symbolizes peace, and the crescent symbolizes the Islamic religion.
  • The climate of the Maldives is characterized by a high degree of humidity, because it is located in the Indian Ocean, where the sun does not reach it.
  • There is a continuous rise in the water level in the islands, which constitutes a real danger, as this creates the possibility of drowning.

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