The Baru Market in Jakarta is one of the oldest markets in the Indonesian capital. The Baru Market which was built in the year 1820 AD is the first commercial destination for the city's residents where all daily supplies are located in one place. The market is called “Little India” due to the decline of most of its merchants from Indian assets in addition to Variety and multiplicity of its exhibits.

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Where to shop at Baru Market in Jakarta

Barrow Market in Jakarta

Textiles and sporting goods stores

Textiles and clothing stores are among the most popular places in Barrow Market, and are located near the gate. “Jl. Antara The department store in Barrow offers both international and local brands with the ability to design and implement the required outfit in a few hours. Moving to the right of the clothing and textile stores are sports equipment stores that provide everything that athletes need.

Indian bazaars

Small Indian bazaars called “Shalimar” are scattered along the Rabbit Alley (Gang Kelinci) where many famous Indian products are sold. One of the best things to buy from Indian bazaars at Paro Market in Jakarta is jewelery, jewelery, spices and Indian food.

Traditional medicine

Near the “Jl” Gate. Antara There is a "Taj Mahal" center for treatment with old traditional methods. The center was established in 1998 AD and offers ancient Indian and Chinese prescriptions for the treatment of bones, teeth and eye diseases !!Barrow Market in Jakarta
The Baru Market in Jakarta is not only a commercial market, but also includes many other services such as hairdressing and beauty salons and restaurants. Why should you visit Baru Market? One of the biggest advantages of Baru Market in Jakarta is that it is one of the wholesale outlets in Indonesia. Bazar Baru is the first commercial destination for those who do not They can obtain original international brands. The market includes a large assortment of “Bandung” products that offer similar models for different international brands at discounted prices. The Barrow Market is also an essential interface for Muslim tourists who find a wonderful and varied selection of women's clothing compatible with And the law that provide ores and colors and different prices.

Tips when shopping in Barrow

Although the Baru Market in Jakarta is one of the oldest markets in Indonesia, there are no clear rules about the pricing of exhibits. Consequently, government supervision is absent from the market, which forces tourists to “bargain” to get goods at their real prices.

Hotels near Barrow Market

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1- Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran

Jl. Griya Utama blok B no. 1 | Sunter Agung, Jakarta 14350, Indonesia

2- Red Planet Pasar Baru

Jln. H Samanhudi no. 25 | Pasar Baru, Jakarta 10710, Indonesia

3- Heef Hotel

Jln. H Samanhudi No. 3 | Pasar Baru, Jakarta 10710, Indonesia l

4- Classic Hotel

Jln. H Samanhudi no. 43-45, Jakarta 10710, Indonesia 0.2 miles from Pasar Baru Jakarta

5- Alia Pasar Baru

Jln. Pasar Baru Selatan No. 6, Jakarta 10710, IndonesiaBarrow Market in Jakarta

How to reach Baru Market in Jakarta?

The Paro Market is located in Bandung district, near the Central Train Station. KH. Samanhudi, Central Jakarta Opening hours: From 8 in the morning until 10 in the evening

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