The city of Jubail is one of the most beautiful cities in Saudi Arabia that captivates you with its beauty, its calmness, and the cleanliness of its streets, which make you feel as you walk around it as if it is a piece of Paris. The spread of the best restaurants in Jubail is one of the most important features of the region and among these restaurants:

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Yacht Restaurant:

Best Jubail restaurantsUnique view of the yacht restaurant, one of the most beautiful restaurants that may enjoy the dining experience with its distinguished and upscale tourist location, it overlooks the sea directly without any barriers in addition to that more than half of the restaurant is a reflective glass walls, which allows the sun to enter the restaurant every day and enjoy the moonlight and privacy At night, as for the design, the restaurant takes the form of the yacht like its name, you will feel as if you are eating in the middle of the sea, where you enjoy the beauty of the view, blue waters, sun rays, and the most delicious cuisine. You will feel comfortable as soon as you enter the restaurant, where you will be greeted by sweet melodies of calm music with decoration. Simple, upscale, and a mixture of heavenly and white colors, adding a luster that matches the scenery of the sea. Upon entering the restaurant you find the first floor where the Chinese restaurant has a delicious menu and is rich in distinctive Chinese flavors. As for the second floor, it is the sea restaurant, which offers a varied menu of the finest and most delicious seafood from fish The shrimp and lobster, there is a special corner for families that includes spacious and spacious tables that accommodate the whole family. There is another corner for drinks that is prepared directly in front of you. The yacht restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Jubail where you can enjoy delicious food and the view Featured on the sea and quiet place is also convenient for Oasab.aqro: the best beaches of Jubail ..

Brasa De Brazil

Best Jubail restaurants
Grilled meat skewers are presented to you in the Brazilian way, the preferred choice for grilled meat lovers. It is located in the Al Fanateer region directly on the sea, and it is one of the restaurants of the Brasa de Brasil group founded by the Brazilian chef Rasa. Favorite from grilled meats that come to you in the traditional Brazilian way, where skewers of grilled meats are served to you directly from the grill to your table, in addition to a variety of dishes from salads, appetizers, delicious side dishes and different types of soups , I can also sweetener types of jewelry and delicious a kick and different, including, for example, grilled pineapple Ptetbilh cinnamon and sugar, enjoy a different experience of dining at de Brazil Restaurant barracks best Jubail restaurants.


Best Jubail restaurantsOne of the distinctive steak meals for American cuisine lovers, especially steak, this restaurant is the first choice for them, the restaurant enjoys a privileged location on the Fanateer Corniche, which is one of the most famous steak restaurants in Saudi Arabia, which was established in 1992 and opened 11 branches and the restaurant offers the most delicious meals under the slogan “as you like and more” The menu comes to include a variety of high-quality halal steaks, sandwiches, seafood, salmon, shrimps and soups. It also includes a special salad buffet, which won the admiration of visitors strongly. The restaurant provides a place for children to be able to play and have fun, so it is a very convenient place to eat Food with the family. The restaurant also provides a take-away service for fans of ordering food from home. Also read: Entertainment venues in Khobar and Dammam are the two capitals of entertainment in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia

Grand Dunes Indian Family Restaurant Arabic:

Best Jubail restaurantsEating delicious Indian dishes You and your family enjoy the taste of Indian meals and the splendor of fresh hot flavors, although this restaurant is located in the city center but it provides parking and a street parking spot to facilitate access to the restaurant as it contains places for children it is suitable for family and business meetings, the restaurant provides a menu Delicious food and a variety of Indian foods in addition to the perfect mix of tastes for Arabic, Chinese and vegetarian dishes.

Al Diwan Restaurant:

Best Jubail restaurantsA table of delicious Lebanese dishes at Al Diwan Restaurant. For Lebanese food lovers, Al Diwan Restaurant offers the best restaurants in Jubail, a wonderful experience of delicious Lebanese dishes. Lebanese cuisine in addition to Middle Eastern cuisine, vegetarian food and veggie options, as soon as you order your favorite meal, you are served appetizers with hot saj bread as an appetizer ready to experience the distinctive dining experience.

Taya Restaurant:

Best Jubail restaurantsShrimp crispy dish, a mixture of Arabic ambiance and delicious food, you can find in Tayeh Restaurant overlooking the Corniche of Al Fanateer to add to the hotel the advantage of a wonderful view. Sour chicken fried with butter with sweet chili sauce, biryani dish prepared with the authentic Indian recipe, also enjoy a variety of soups options such as mushroom capuccino soup, lentil soup and chicken cream in addition to a special menu for children, ba To add to delicious drinks and sweetener, for example, chocolate balls stuffed with different flavors such as pistachios, fruits, chocolate and brownies.

Locanda-A la Granda

Best hotels in Al JubailOne of the best restaurants in Jubail, and it is distinguished by its elegance in serving food and excellence in taste, as it is located in the middle of a pleasant heritage area, it is located in the old market and has a high and distinctive external session, the restaurant provides a variety of Lebanese dishes and seafood Mediterranean and some creative dishes and delicious appetizers, especially Fattoush, and the restaurant is a suitable place especially for couples as it offers the possibility to eat on the balcony overlooking the castle square in a romantic and idyllic atmosphere.

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