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Florida is one of the most distinguished places for families and it is one of the United States of America, and perhaps the reason that this state is preferred is because it contains a group of parks such as Orlando Park, and also the famous Disneyland Park, and families can also enjoy the resort Caribbean-style.

New England

New England is located in the northeast of the United States, and it is the destination of many families throughout the year. This city offers its visitors in the fall a unique experience where they can perform a set of distinctive activities in this chapter specifically, such as picking apples and pumpkin, It is also known that the winter season is a season of families with distinction, as they can spend quality time in the ski resorts located in them, because these resorts offer many programs and various packages for all age groups at the weekend and during the holiday seasons.

Spring is also an appropriate season to visit this region because it is the famous maple sugar season. There is no doubt that New England includes many recreational parks that open in the summer and festive seasons.


Singapore is characterized by being one of the excellent tourist countries for families wishing to explore Asia, as it provides a large number of accommodations, in addition to a transportation system characterized by ease of use, and there are many of the places that a visitor can go to, such as The Sultan Mosque and the Botanical Gardens, visitors can also enjoy the religious buildings that are diverse in addition to having multiple colors (Sentosa Island).


Bali is one of the most popular islands, and it is a magnet for many people throughout the year. It is based on providing an extensive menu of international cuisine so it will not be difficult to satisfy selective people with a choice of food, and families will be able to spend Fun and relaxing times on the sandy beaches in the sun, and with the presence of many surf shops near the beaches, children will be able to surf and swim.


Germany offers many interesting places that can be the first destination for families with their children. They can visit castles, ride trains through the picturesque areas, and explore the exciting areas in the Black Forest. They can also try going to Europa Park which is known as The largest amusement park is located in southwestern Germany.

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