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New mosque mosque

The new mosque is one of the tourist places that visitors prefer in the Algerian capital, and it is usually called the Al-Bashiri Mosque. It was built in 1660 AD, and it is characterized by the Turkish architectural style, and it contains a group of domes, and a minaret of Andalusian architectural style, in addition to the presence of two entrances to the mosque.

The Casbah

The Kasbah is considered one of the distinctive monuments in Algeria, dating back to the seventeenth century, and was classified as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, and is characterized by its steep decline, narrow streets, and its contain many amazing Ottoman palaces, where most of these palaces are centered around the Mosque of Ketchaoua, and that At the end of Ahmed Bouzrina Street, this traditional neighborhood witnessed the strongest battles during the Battle of Algiers.

Other tourist places

The Algerian capital includes many tourist places worth visiting, including:

  • National Museum of oars: This museum is one of the important places in the capital, and it presents a collection of exhibits related to the colonial rule of the country and the struggle for independence.
  • Hassan Pasha House: It is one of the oldest and most magnificent palaces in the city of Algeria.
  • experiments Garden: The Experiment Garden is considered the largest natural greenhouse in the world, and the French began to establish this project, so they chose crops that grow better, and after the country gained independence it was developed and became one of the most beautiful gardens.
  • Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions: It is located in one of the beautiful palaces of the Ottoman period, and contains an impressive collection of Algerian arts and crafts.
  • The shrine of the martyr: It is one of the most famous monuments in the city, and was established to honor the sacrifices of an unknown martyr.
  • Notre Dame de Africa Cathedral: It is the oldest cathedral in the city, and its construction dates back to the period between 1858-1872 AD, and it is distinguished by its unique architecture, it is of Byzantine and Romen architectural style.

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