Tourism in Saudi Arabia has become very famous, as the country was filled with festivals and events, in addition to taking care of the country’s heritage, so that Saudi Arabia would become one of the competitive tourist destinations in the Gulf, especially the capital Riyadh, which offers the best options for those wishing to modern, cultural tourism.

You will also find business centers and markets in Riyadh, especially in the western section, so that tourism in Riyadh becomes essential for those coming to Saudi Arabia. You will find in Riyadh hotels, especially West Riyadh hotels, the best options between Saudi hotels, where they combine luxury and diversity to suit all tastes.

Best hotels in West Riyadh

If you want a luxurious stay in the five-star and four-star West Hotel in Riyadh, you will find your article in this report.

Radisson Blu Diplomatic Quarter Hotel

The best Western Riyadh hotel offers five-star services, including those intended for families and people with special needs, including facilities suitable for business and celebrations, as well as the provision of a terrace and garden.

It is 2.3 km from Embassy District, 4.5 km from King Khalid Mosque and 43.7 km from King Khalid International Airport.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Arab visitors loved the place and rated it great thanks to its modern décor, staff engagement, and tranquility.

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Courtyard Riyadh by Marriott Diplomatic Quarter

It is one of the best 4-star hotels in West Riyadh thanks to its proximity to business centers and diplomatic areas, as well as meeting and business facilities, as well as a swimming pool, a fitness center, and a sauna.

It is 700 meters from the Embassy District, 7.2 km from King Khalid Mosque, and 46.6 km from King Khalid International Airport

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Very good rating and visitors loved the quietness, room size, acceptable prices, and varied breakfasts.

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Find out about the best hotel west of Riyadh via our report

Voyage Hotel Riyadh

The five-star Voyage Hotel Riyadh is one of the best options for staying at the West Riyadh hotel, for children’s meals, car rental, free parking, library, cafe, children’s pool, and an outdoor pool.

The hotel is 1.3 km from King Khalid Mosque, 6.1 km from Embassy District and 43.6 km from King Khalid Airport.

Read our report on Hotel Voyage Riyadh

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Arab visitors loved the place, especially couples and families, and they gave it a great evaluation on the cleanliness, location, and facilities.

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The most beautiful western Riyadh hotel with unbeatable services

Al-Mashreq Hotel Riyadh

Among the West Riyadh hotels that provide extensive services from the business center, airport transportation, parking, VIP rooms, and international speaking languages.

It is 1.3 km from King Khalid Mosque, 7.6 km from Embassy District, and 45.1 km from King Khalid International Airport.

Read our report on the Mashreq Hotel Riyadh

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Arab visitors loved and gave him a very good evaluation of the luxury of the place, the distinctive decor, the staff’s handling and the speed of the procedures.

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Al-Mashreq Hotel Riyadh is one of the most beautiful hotels in western Riyadh

Makeen Homes Hotel by Warwick

Makin Homes by Warwick is one of the most luxurious hotels in western Riyadh. Each room includes a seating area, a kitchenette with a refrigerator, and it provides VIP facilities, family rooms and a groom suite, car rental services and packed lunches.

It is 8.7 km from the Embassy District and 47.9 km from King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Very good rating thanks to the spacious rooms and the cleanliness, the staff cooperated, while some commented about the few items in the breakfast buffet.

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West Riyadh hotels are ideal for grooms, families and businessmen

Embassy district of Riyadh hotels

The Embassy district is an integrated urban city and one of the most prestigious areas in Riyadh. It also includes a selection of wonderful Western Riyadh hotels. Through this tab, you can see a selection of the best hotels in the Embassy District in Riyadh .. Read more

The magnificent Al Sefarat neighborhood hotels are great competitors for Western Riyadh hotels.

Chalets west of Riyadh

Rather than staying at the West Riyadh hotel, some people search for a more luxurious and private place to stay, so they resort to searching for chalets west of Riyadh, and this report will shorten the hardship of searching, as it offers carefully chosen options .. Read more

For more special options among West Riyadh hotels, you can find great West Riyadh chalets

Serviced apartments west of Riyadh

If you prefer to stay in West Riyadh hotel apartments instead of West Riyadh hotels, on this tab you will find our best options based on the opinions of Arab visitors to the best hotel apartments in West Riyadh .. Read more

Among the alternatives to staying in the West Riyadh hotel are several apartments in West Riyadh

West Riyadh Resorts

To get informed options options based on the opinions of Arab visitors regarding the services and facilities of West Riyadh resorts .. Read more

West Riyadh Resorts combines the luxury of West Riyadh hotels with the beauty and luxury of amenities

Why is the west of Riyadh an ideal option for many?

Staying in West Riyadh Hotel is characterized by
Proximity to the most important neighborhoods in Riyadh, which is the embassy district.
Proximity to the most famous shopping centers and plush restaurants.
Easy access to other entertainment areas of the city.

What is the best hotel west of Riyadh?

In the selection of this report, you will find the most luxurious and best Western hotels in Riyadh, based on the reviews of Arab visitors, whose ratings varied from wonderful to very good.

What is the best hotel in western Riyadh for families?

Radisson Blu Residence Hotel Suitable for families with child television networks, a child-friendly buffet, various room options and a family suite.

How much does it cost to stay in a West Riyadh hotel for one night?

The cost of accommodation ranges between 100 and 190 USD, and the price varies according to the period of the year, the hotel, the size of the room, and its advantages.

What are the best hotels in the embassy district in Riyadh near the airport?

All the hotels suggested in our article are more than 40 km from King Khaled International Airport in Riyadh.

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