The bostancı lunapark city is one of the most famous game cities in Istanbul, because it is one of the cities that attract large numbers of visitors from different parts of the world, as the city of bostancı lunapark includes many activities We will get to know more in detail in this article. Follow us.

Bostancı Lunapark location:

The entertainment city of Bostanci Luna Park is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, Turkey, and can be reached very quickly and simply, because it is very close to the famous Bostanci station in Istanbul, where the distance is estimated by only ten minutes from the station, and can also be reached Games city through your visit to the famous Baghdad Street, it is very close to that street.

The most important features of Bostanci Luna Park:

  • Bostanci Luna Park has many different features, although the city is not very large, it contains all the means of suspense and entertainment.
  • Bostanci is close to the metro station, which makes it easy for many people to reach easily.
  • The area of ​​the city is two and a half kilometers, and this area is estimated at the value of a football stadium.
  • Bostanci Luna Park is suitable for families, as it includes many entertainment that suit all ages and tastes.

The best entertainment activities in Istanbul in Bostanci Luna Park:

  • Bostanci Luna Park includes many entertainment facilities, among which are the spaces that are devoted to horse lovers and enthusiasts, as well as many horse riding special offers by the best horse trainers in the world, and the city includes a large number of excellent horses.
  • Bostanci Luna Park includes many different electric games, which attract many people, whether young or old, and designed by a large number of technical experts and specialists in the world of entertainment.
  • Also among the entertainment in Bostanci Luna Park is the presence of a large collection of bold games that are suitable for adults, among which are games that are high-rise and high-rise and that throw people into the air, one of the city’s most famous excitement games for catapult adults, but you must be a fan of Boldness and adventure.
  • There are also many games in which children and their parents participate in Bostanci Luna Park games, among which is the popular octopus game, along with electric cars and a very large selection of toys in the city.
  • There is a very large collection of very safe games for children, in which children feel enjoyable, which includes a game of horses that spins alongside the game of mobile home, which moves in all directions and this is among the excitement in the city of Bostanci Luna Park.
  • Not only entertainment in Bostanci Luna Park is limited to the different games, but the city includes a large number of distinctive restaurants, which have a large number of diverse dishes that offer the most delicious Turkish cuisine, the most famous of which is the shawarma, along with a large group of Western foods Distinctive, which facilitates eating in that place full of fun and suspense.
  • Bostanci Luna Park also includes many different cafes, which provide visitors with the best different drinks, including delicious juices, as well as famous Turkish coffee. You can sit in these cafes for a break, and then complete the trip in Bostanci Luna Park.

The dates of entry to the city of Bustancı Lunapark:

All entertainment in Bostanci Luna Park can be enjoyed on a daily basis. Bostanci Luna Park operates throughout the week from one in the morning until one in the evening every day.

Entry prices to Bostanci Luna Park:

The entry prices to Bostangi Luna Park are very suitable for many, compared to the services in the city and also all the entertainment facilities in it, as the entry ticket price to the city is only sixty five Turkish liras per person.

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