Hollywood is one of the most important places in Sharm El Sheikh, and it is one of the most attractive places for tourists from different parts of the world, because it is one of the most beautiful and largest entertainment places, so many people come to this place especially in Sharm El Sheikh, whether they are from Egypt or From outside it, we will get to know Hollywood El Sheikh through this article in detail.

Hollywood Sharm El Sheikh hollywood sharm el sheikh:

The most important characteristic of Hollywood Sharm El Sheikh is its distinguished location, which is easily accessible, as it is located on the road to peace, and Hollywood is located near Naama with a distance of only five minutes by car, and this is what makes it easy for many to reach quickly.

The features of Hollywood Sharm El Sheikh:

  • The most important thing about Hollywood Sharm is that it is a very suitable place for all ages and people, as it is a suitable entertainment place for families.
  • Hollywood Sharm includes a large collection of various dinosaur statues, which were designed in a very giant way, along with being equipped with sound devices to make distinctive sounds.
  • Hollywood also has a large collection of other figurines of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, alongside statues of Godzilla and many other films.
  • The entry price for Hollywood is very suitable, because a large number of different offers are free to watch, which means that the ticket includes several different activities in Hollywood Sharm El-Sheikh.

Available services at Hollywood Sharm hollywood sharm el sheikh:

  • Among the services that are available in Hollywood Sharm El Sheikh is the free drink that is obtained immediately upon entering that enchanting place. Once the ticket is cut, you can get the free drink.
  • Hollywood Sharm also has a place dedicated to lovers of walking and enjoying the stunning natural landscapes on the site, including the waterfall.
  • Hollywood has a large number of bars and cafes through which you can enjoy a drink according to your desire, before you continue your journey in that big place.
  • Hollywood also includes a large group of famous restaurants, which provide the most delicious local and international dishes, the most famous of which is the Titanic restaurant that was designed in the form of that famous vehicle, along with restaurants that offer delicious seafood variety.

The most important events in Hollywood Sharm hollywood sharm el sheikh:

  • Hollywood Sharm El-Sheikh includes many different events and shows, including the famous fountain show, which is characterized by the delightful and wonderful colors that captivate the eyes, as well as the water that rushes from the fountain through the different music melodies, and the fountain show continues on the music for about a quarter of an hour.
  • Another distinguished show, Hollywood Sharm El Sheikh is also available. It is a lyric show, which includes singing in Russian and English and some Arabic singing, along with some distinctive and interesting dances.
  • Hollywood Sharm El Sheikh offers special offers for magic lovers and magic games.
  • Hollywood Sharm El Sheikh also has cinemas but it is completely different from the well known cinema shows, as it is Seven D cinema shows, and it has distinct lighting along with the movements that make you feel the adventure while sitting in the cinema.
  • Hollywood also includes a large group of different shopping centers, and this in itself is a pleasure summit for many visitors, as Hollywood includes a large number of clothing stores that suit all tastes and ages, in addition to the presence of multiple bazaars, not only that but there are offers Featured for Vodafone customers.
  • Time can also be enjoyed by visiting Hollywood Sharm El Sheikh, by walking in that distinctive place, which is crowded with tourists from different countries of the world, as well as enjoying beautiful landscapes through the lake, which can be passed over through the distinctive wooden bridge.

Ticket prices for entering Sharm Hollywood hollywood sharm el sheikh:

The entry prices to Hollywood Sharm El Sheikh are very appropriate, especially because most of the offers that take place in it are free offers, and as for the entry ticket price per person it is only seventy Egyptian pounds, and for cinema shows they have their own tickets, which are Only forty Egyptian pounds.

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