Cafés in Tangier are among the most beautiful cafes in Morocco, due to the fact that the city of Tangier is distinguished by its great location on the top of Morocco, and its direct view of the Strait of Gibraltar, so you find a wonderful view with cafes and delicious drinks and delicious meals and desserts .. We will get together in this article on the best cafes and cafes in Tangier:

Cafés in Tangier


The café la terrasse du 9 avril is one of the best cafes in Tangier, it is located in the main square in Tangier in the Grand socco just before the entrance to the city, and it is the ideal place to have your morning coffee where you will enjoy the wonderful scenes, the wonderful atmosphere, and a good drink, available hot and cold drinks , And snacks, which you can eat while enjoying the warm weather of the city.

Cappuccino Café

The cappuccino cafe is one of the most expensive cafes in Tangier, it is very expensive and luxurious, it deserves that by the testimony of its visitors, so you find delicious cakes, hot and cold drinks, and the most delicious types of coffee, and you can have breakfast with free Wi-Fi and it is located in Mohamed VI Street, Tangier, Morocco, opens all day.Cappuccino Café - Cafés in Tangier Tangier Cappuccino Café – Cafés in Tangier Tangier

Cafe Havana

Cafe Havana is one of the most famous cafes in Tangier due to the reasons that do not end, it was founded in 1921, and you can see the European land from its view, in which you can enjoy the most delicious fresh mint tea with snacks open all day.Cafe Hava - Cafés in Tangier Cafe Hava – Cafés in Tangier


BABA café is another historic café in Tangier. Baba Café was established in 1943, located on an olive street, Tangier and when you enter the café you feel that you are in the atmosphere of the forties of the twentieth century as if time stopped by, chairs, tables, and walls are completely old, and you find on its walls pictures For the celebrities who visited it, it is considered a suitable destination for you to see Tangier and live the atmosphere of the past. You also enjoy distinctive drinks, flavors such as coffee, tea and juices, so let it be missed.BABA Cafe - Cafés in Tangier Tangier BABA Cafe – Cafés in Tangier Tangier


Le Cour de Tangier Café is located on Anoule Place de France, in the new city of Tangier, with its terrace on the first floor overlooking the city, where you can relax and enjoy hot or cold drinks while listening to the band in the café, it is indeed the financial place to relax and enjoy the beauty of Morocco.


Ashkar Café is located near the Caves of Hercules, you can enjoy the wonderful views of the caves, while enjoying the flavor of drinks, and wonderful Moroccan pastries at a reasonable price.

Café de paris

The café is located in the Plaza de France, Tangier. When you enter the café, you are attracted to everything from old leather chairs, the wooden walls. It represents the meeting of the past with the present. If you want to sit inside the café, you will live in the atmosphere in 1920, but if you like the outside section, you will enjoy watching the children roaming around the new city of Tangier. As for his drinks, he is famous for the French coffee with enough milk latte, Moroccan tea with fresh mint, with the most delicious juices. Café de paris - Cafés in Tangier Tangier Café de paris – Cafés in Tangier Tangier

Panorama Café

Panorama Café is one of the cafes in Tangier with a newly created view of the waterfront of the city with a magnificent view of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a great destination for travelers traveling by train because it is close to the train station, it opens at 7 am every day in which you can enjoy your delicious breakfast of pastries with delicious coffee of all kinds.Panorama Café - Cafés in Tangier Panorama Café – Cafés in Tangier

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