After launching a new campaign titled “I am Uganda” to educate seasoned travelers eager to put their mark on a new country, as the Pearl of Africa continues its rise as a global tourist destination.

Tourism in Uganda is divided into three types, cultural tours, activities and nature, and the common link is natural beauty and hospitality. Uganda aims to increase the number of international visitors to four million tourists in 2020.

Adjacent to Lake Victoria, the capital, Kampala, includes the Gaddafi National Mosque, Kasubi Cemeteries, and Nadiry Cultural Center, as well as museums, temples, and handicraft markets.

Major historical sites include the luxurious Kasubi Cemeteries, the Nadiri Cultural Center and the National Museum.
There are many kingdoms in various regions of Uganda, including Central Buganda, Busuga, Bunyor and Toro. Don’t miss the Kaganda dance, which is unique in Leganda.
The most famous local dish is Matoki, which is a banana dish with peanut sauce, fish, meat and chicken. For your information, each tribe has its own dishes.

With more than fifty languages ​​belonging to two different linguistic groups, and a varied musical and artistic culture, visitors will undoubtedly enjoy a rich and enjoyable cultural experience.

The River Nile is a primary center for many marine activities such as kayaking, kayaking and water boat rides. Boat trips allow you to go to the source of the Nile and the Cazinga canal in Queen Elizabeth, Murchison Falls, Lake Victoria and the Ceci Islands to enjoy the forests and picturesque nature.

Without a doubt, gorilla tours in the Magahenga park for gorillas and the Afro-Montani forests have put Uganda on the tourism map. Chimpanzee tours in the Kibali National Park and Bodongo Forest can not be forgotten, and it is preferable to visit these areas in dry seasons.

Everyone came to Africa to see the reserves, and Uganda excels with ten national parks and more than three hundred and thirty species of mammals. Uganda has more than a thousand and two hundred types of butterflies.

The gardens such as Kidebo Valley and Queen Elizabeth are easy to enter, not crowded, and feature a unique wild experience. Accommodation in the parks can be obtained at reasonable rates and for all budgets.

With its dense foggy forests, tall snowy mountains, beautiful lakes and vast prairies, it’s not hard to see why Winston Churchill called it the pearl of Africa.
Increased air transport to Entebbe, especially from the Emirates, guarantees strong communication. Emirates offers daily services with flydubai, in addition to Etihad Airways from Abu Dhabi. The airport has witnessed 10.2 percent growth in the past two years after the addition of the e-Visa system to support tourism. Planning for the revival of Uganda National Aviation began, which stopped in 2001.
New hotels have also appeared to meet the growing demand. Protea Hotel by Marriott opened in the capital Kampala last year. Wyndham Hotels and Resorts held the management contract for the five-star Pearl Africa Hotel last October.

In February, a group of Bollywood directors went to find movie sites and promote the destination to the large Indian market.
And this coming Ramadan, hotels will offer special offers for visitors from the Middle East.

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