Specifications of the bags allowed to be transported by the system of transporting bags inside Dubai airports, so that the prohibited bags are those that do not meet international standards.
One of its most prominent conditions is that the bag be 75 centimeters high, 60 centimeters wide and 90 centimeters long.
Conditions and specifications of prohibited bags
Dubai airports have prevented the transport of bags filled with more than their size, and bags of circular, and flat shape, and bags with strange shapes that can impede the movement of baggage handling.

With regard to bag weights, the new controls require that the weight of one bag is not less than 2 kilograms, and not more than 32 kilograms, while the weight of the hand bag carried with the traveler does not exceed 7 kilograms.
It is noteworthy that Dubai International Airport, which has an advanced system for transporting luggage with a length of 138 km, succeeded in transporting 55 million bags during the year 2015, and 70 million bags in the year 2016, and aims to transport 75 million bags in 2017.

Dubai Airports Corporation confirmed that it will provide a service for unloading the contents of the violating bags, in carton boxes, for a small fee of 15 dirhams per bag, explaining that this service is currently available at Dubai airports, but the actual application of the new controls will increase its availability at reception counters. Luggage of passengers, of various airlines.
The Corporation had issued specific instructions on the specifications of the baggage permitted for transportation, confirming that the airport authorities refrained from receiving and transporting the bags “that are flat, non-rectangular in shape, circular or ribbed forms, or that take the form that impedes the movement of handling” on the passenger bag delivery belts.

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