Space to extend legs

Tall men will suffer if they choose the wrong seat. Ideal seats are those in the exit row because that space is the widest because the aircraft design is keen on being as well to allow passengers to enter and exit in emergency situations. But you have to choose carefully, too, because the front seats in the exit row cannot be traced back, so you have to choose the front. Booking these seats, especially those in the middle, is relatively easy, because most travelers avoid reserving these seats.
A quiet spot

In this case, there are two options. The quietest and most comfortable seats are the front seats of the plane’s wings, i.e. opposite the captain’s cabin. These seats move away from the wings of the plane, which the engines are stationed under. The second option is to choose the seats next to the window so that you can lean on. This position makes it easier for you to sleep because it is more comfortable than trying to sleep in a sitting position. Avoid choosing the rear seats because they are the most noisy, either in terms of engines or because of the movement of passengers.
Faster service

Of course the choice is obvious here, you have to choose the front seats that are opposite to the captain’s cabin. As is known, service starts from the front rows to the back rows. So if your goal is to get the fastest possible service, these seats are perfect for you.
The warmest spot

If you are the type of person who shivers cold during flights, you should avoid seats that are on the back. These seats are in the coolest spot on the plane so seats in the middle or front side are perfect for you.
Safer seats

If you are feeling scared by flying accidents and want seats that give you a chance to survive, you should completely move away from the front seats. The middle seats and the back are safer. These seats were chosen after studying aviation accidents and locating the survivors, and it turned out that in the seats in the back third of the plane, the death rate was 32% compared to 39% in the third middle and 38% in the front third. As for the seats in the middle third, its death was 44%. The back was the lowest death rate, at 28%.
Smooth flight

If the expected air disturbances are a nuisance to you, the front seats and those in the middle near the plane’s wings are the best. Think about it in terms of the balance game «Se Si», and therefore the center of the plane is the spot that vibrates less than others. Therefore, if you are the type who generally feels nervous or is afraid of the plane vibrating during air disturbances, you should choose the front or center seats and move away completely from the back of the plane.
More space in luggage lockers

You should avoid the rear seats near the emergency exits because the luggage cabinets are the smallest space, because the oxygen bottles and some equipment and bags for the flight attendants and staff are placed in the luggage cabinets especially at the emergency exits. Therefore, the space granted to travelers in that spot is the smallest. The best possible option is to choose the seats in the middle and make sure to get onto the plane early so that you can put your suitcases before the others.
You travel with your children

The front fender seats are the best in that they provide more room to extend the legs compared to other seats due to the lack of seats in front of them. It is usually found in the front part or separations between different flight seats. One of the advantages of these seats is that they come with additional oxygen bags that you may find a special bed for children at the barrier or separator. However, one of the disadvantages of these seats is that the armrests do not rise and there is no bottom storage space to place the children’s bag. The rear seats are a bad choice because they are the most noisy, which may make children upset even if the seats there are wider.
In the event that you travel with two or more children, you must separate them from each other, meaning that you do not choose adjacent seats for them. Children are calmer when separated from one another, so one of the children must be seated next to your wife and the other by your side. ma Experts stress that this method makes children, strangely enough, behave responsibly as if they were mature travelers.

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