Her magical nature made her one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, especially in bilateral recreation trips and honeymoon for newlyweds. If you are thinking of spending a honeymoon with your unforgettable wife, do not get confused too much. The Maldives is the ideal destination for this, as the Maldives has 1190 islands belonging to it, And all its inhabitants are indebted to Islam, as it is more suitable for our Islamic customs and conservative society.

Best Maldives honeymoon hotels

The Maldives is distinguished by the number of hotels that are different in services and prices, and it is one of the best hotels in the Maldives for honeymooning. Corumba Hotel Maldives, which has 5 stars, is located on a private island in the northern financial capital Atoll, and has white sand on its private beach, in addition to coconut trees, and is minutes away Only a few from the Maldives International Airport, and there is also a resort island of Vitaville, which is one of the most luxurious resorts in the Maldives in the financial capital, and you find villas with a 5-star rating at a high level of sophistication and beautiful views and landscapes, and is only 20 minutes from the Maldives International Airport.

You also find the Wajia Taj Exotica Resort and Asia, which is one of the most luxurious resorts in the Maldives to spend an unforgettable honeymoon, and it has wonderful villas within the lakes, and is only 8 kilometers from the Maldives International Airport, and there is also the Shangri-La Maldives Resort, located in Falange Island, steps away From the beachfront, it is one of the best resorts in the Maldives, but you will need an hour of seaplane travel to reach it from the Maldives International Airport.

Best Maldives hotels with privacy

There are a variety of resorts and hotels that are characterized by privacy in the Maldives. There is a Dusit resort in the Maldives and it is called a diving resort, and it is characterized as the best place to practice diving, and you can see whales and sharks, and a vast and large world of marine biology, and is considered among the top 5 destinations in the Maldives And there is also the resort island of Spa Royal, it is an example of luxury and high privacy, and you find it among the wonderful beaches and private individual villas, it will make you feel like a crowned king, and aims to provide all means of comfort and calm to you.

You will also find in the Maldives, Club Med Kanye Resort, which is an integrated water lake from which private villas branch into the water, and draw the shape of the palm inside the water and give you the feeling that you are sailing inside the water, and in it you can enjoy boating and diving trips, as you find the Kandulho Resort Maldives, which is located southwest of the capital, Male, is fair among the most luxurious and most exclusive 5-star resorts built on a sandy beach and home to coral reefs, ideal for a snorkeling experience.

The best Maldives for grooms

The Maldives is 1190 islands of the best tourist islands in the world, and the most beautiful of these islands is Male Atoll island and is divided into two northern and southern parts, which is the capital of the Maldives State, it is a civilized city developed more than an island with privacy and movement and it is more suitable for grooms who love to move and hike a lot, as well There you will also find cocoa island, Velasaru Island, Ari Atoll, Rangali Island and Baa Atoll Island, as well as Vavu Atoll Island.

The Maldives costs two people

The cost of travel to the Maldives depends more on the price of airline tickets to and from the Maldives, and if you will travel from Saudi Arabia, you can choose to travel on Emirates Airlines, it is the best and most comfortable, but if you are seeking for a lower cost you can use SriLankan or Malaysia Airlines, or through Saudi Arabian Airlines. The cost ranges between two people from 8000 to 10,000 Saudi riyals.
Prices can start per night in 3-star hotels from $ 150 to $ 500, in 4-star hotels they are from $ 200 to $ 750, and in 5-star hotels from $ 350 to $ 2,000 depending on your choice and desires, but that includes accommodation only without Excursions and additional activities you would like to do.

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