Climbers vary between young athletes supported by large companies or wealthy businessmen in their late forties as an attempt to challenge themselves and prove their endurance.
Those wishing to climb can choose the height they want to reach, as the full climb distance is 29,029 feet to the so-called death zone, where the death rate among adventurers rises dramatically.
The cost of climbing Mount Everest begins from the first day of training, that is, from 12 to 18 months before the actual climbing, because the climber must raise his endurance to its peak, and must be physically and mentally fit. The cost is divided into several sections: training, tools, climbing trip, and others:

Training, about 8,000 USD

Certainly, you do not want to walk on the most deadly mountains in the world without being physically and mentally fit in order to be able to face all challenges, and those who want to climb need to hire a professional trainer to train at least twice a week for a full year so that they can get used to the squat routine and others From extreme exercises, training trips and long walks, so they can withstand six to eight hours’ walk in harsh weather conditions.

Equipment and tools, 10,000 USD

Equipment and tools include first aid and special clothing, as you cannot go to the coldest areas in the world while you are wearing your daily coat, there are many clothing for these areas such as warm and lightweight coats, glasses, woolen hats, and thick gloves that may cost themselves alone to around $ 300, while climbing suit costs around $ 1,000. In his trip, the climber needs a number of emergency medications necessary for the trip, such as anti-diarrhea and anti-inflammatory treatments, etc., along with some simple devices that help to face the cold and complete the trip safely.

Climbing trip, 35,000 to 100,000 USD

Nepal’s economy is heavily dependent on Everest climbing trips, as the government earns about 3.25 million dollars in royalties from climbers in every season, and it charges $ 11,000 for each person who wants to climb a summit of only 8,000 meters and the fees increase according to the height that the climber wants Reaching it, the climbing season begins in March and ends in the first week of June.
Prices differ in the Sherpa village from which climbers start and get the tools, porters, chefs and guide who will walk with them on the trip, and for these arduous tasks, Sherpa earns between 3500 and 5000 USD for every climb they do, and there are special Western guides who are paid much more than that. Their wages could reach $ 20,000 per climb, as well as the cost of the option to use bottled oxygen upon reaching high peaks.
The most experienced and famous sherpa can earn up to $ 8,000 per climb, but these profits hardly compensate for the risks they are exposed to, in addition to the price of a plane ticket that ranges from $ 1,500 to $ 3,500 to reach Nepal.

Additional costs, 2000 to 4000 USD

Additional costs include transportation, food and accommodation prior to the start of the trip, in addition to paying $ 500 for the sherpa on arrival at the summit separately from the fees they charge for climbing, and medical evacuation insurance that can be purchased approximately $ 500 before the trip.
In fact, the journey to Everest is invaluable, as it is an exciting and wonderful experience that helps change the entire human life and inspires it to live with passion and love. It also makes us value our family and human relationships more and establishes the meaning of commitment in our daily and professional lives. Its positive impact remains to live with everyone His life.

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