Copenhagen has seen a boom in clubs, restaurants, shops and fashion designers who insist on keeping up with fashion and giving up on everything. Copenhagen is constantly on the list of the happiest cities in the world, and it is able to please everyone who visits it.

The city blends a lively and fun spirit with the city’s stunning architectural beauty, from royal castles to beautiful canals and brick buildings, in addition to its rich cultural heritage. Just walking (or biking) around Copenhagen’s cobbled streets and colorful neighborhoods is a pleasure in itself, and one cannot miss a visit to the Tivoli semicircular gardens that form the hub of the city.

Copenhagen is an ambitious city and has a lot to explore starting with the stunning design of the city inspired by elegant Scandinavian art, and in the center of Copenhagen there is a lot of charm (historical buildings and pedestrian shopping areas). Fashion lovers can shop at local stores like “Bruuns Bazaar” or “Filippa K”, while music lovers can time to visit events like the “Distortion” festival in June.
Copenhagen has a wide range of attractions to explore and highlights include the massive National Gallery of Denmark, “Designmuseum” and “Nationalmuseet” and the royal collections of “De Kongelige Stalde”. And it is possible to travel all over the city easily thanks to the excellent public transportation network in the city, as the streets are safe for cyclists of all skill levels, and they are also available with subway services 24 hours, which makes staying in the city enjoyable.

The cultural displays of Copenhagen are rich and eclectic, from the Viking treasures in the palace of the former prince to the prominent Danish chairs at Baroque Hospital. Europe and the group of Islamic art in Scandinavia are housed in a classic palace of an antique collector.

Music festivals almost never stop in the city where the big Roskilde festival takes place in the summer, and the city hosts various events such as the famous jazz festival and sophisticated electronic music festival in Strom, in addition to street parties that color the nights of the distortion festival.

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