The area of ​​the hole called “Gate to Hell” is about 5,320 square meters, with a diameter of about 68.8 meters and a depth of approximately 29.8 meters. This hole was formed after the fall of the natural gas excavator during its work in the region in 1971 during the era of the former Soviet Union.
In order not to leak methane gas from the crater and harm the environment and living organisms, the scientists decided to set fire to it in the hope that the fire will consume the gas within several days, but the fire has not stopped since then.

Although we hear every day about the outbreak of fires in multiple homes and regions, and forest fires that last for more than a month sometimes until they subside, but we have not heard about a pit in which the fire broke out half a century ago, and since that moment the spot witnessed the influx of visitors as a tourist attraction for a strange event Of its kind.
And recently, the photographer, Alessandro Pelgyoguso, took amazing aerial photos of the flame hole in the Karakum Desert in Turkmenistan, for the huge burning pit that lies in the region of Druze in Turkmenistan and extends under the Caspian Sea, and the content of the field where the hole is located is estimated at 8 billion cubic meters, that is, The fourth largest gas field found in the world.

Among the most important facts that have spread about the pit of hell, which is not considered a natural phenomenon, is the possibility of seeing its burning glow in the dark nights from miles away. It also has the advantage that the smell of burning sulfur can be smelled from a distance, and this smell becomes very strong in the event of approaching the hot edge of the nozzle.
In view of its importance, the Turkmen President Gurbangli Bardi Mammadov visited the Gate of Hell, and gave orders to close this burning pit or take other measures to limit its impact on the development of other natural gas fields in that pit filled with fire, boiling clay and huge orange flame.

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