Crans-Montana is a ski resort located in southwestern Switzerland, in the heart of the Swiss Alps in the French-speaking part of the village of Canton. Crans-Montana is located on a plateau about 1,500 meters (4920 feet) above sea level, which provides good views of Alps .
The Crans-Montana ski area consists of play and recreation areas that stretch approximately 140 km (87 mi), and includes the glacier from the Blaine Morte. It is topped by Pointe de la Plaine Morte, at 2,927 meters (9,600 feet).
Crans-Montana is famous for alpine ski races at the 1987 World Championships, and is often included on the World Cup schedule. Often the resort is used for cycling.

Information about Crans-Montana Switzerland
Crans-Montana Switzerland is located within the neighboring resorts of Crans-Montana, up to 1500 meters from the height of the sunny plateau above the Rhone Valley. Together, they form one of the largest holiday destinations in the Valais.
Crans-Montana combines all the amenities of a modern holiday resort with expansive landscapes and with panoramic views of the Valais Alps. The modern side of Crans-Montana offers the opportunity to shop around the most comprehensive Alps. Also includes the region for the famous cultural center and conference. There is a wide range of accommodations. There is a popular venue for major sporting events, which a number of visitors from all over the world visit.

Crans-Montana Switzerland in the summer
In addition to well-known sports like hiking, tennis and squash, Crans-Montana offers facilities for canyoning, climbing, water skiing and paragliding. The attractive skiing areas of the Plain Morty Plateau Iceberg are also ideal for hiking during the summer period.
Crans-Montana has an 18-hole (golf course) Severiano Ballesteros from the high plateau of Crans. There are international elite that meet here every year to play golf tournaments.

Crans-Montana Switzerland in the winter
The ski slopes extend from the high plateau to reach the Plain Morte Glacier in 3000 m. Behind the edge of the immediate woods are its spacious and open amusement parks, ideal for beginners and snowboarders. You can ski by taking an elevator to enjoy the origin of the challenge. Especially these popular games such as the wide fun places with a length of about 12 km in the area.
In winter, golf courses become a paradise for cross-country skiers and hikers. In addition to the presence of classic cross-country ski slopes, there is also an additional glide for skiers.

Recommended accommodations
You can camp in Moubra, a quiet spot among pine trees, and it is one of the best and most affordable camping places. The average nightly rate is around 8 € per night.

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