Taif is a city in the west of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in the mountains near Makkah Al-Mukarramah, which is distinguished as the summer capital, which allows to stay away from high temperatures to enjoy the Taif.
Information about Taif
Taif is a city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which is also known as the city of roses, when it is characterized by the aroma of the aroma of roses from the neighboring orchards. Taif is famous for its good climate, with the beauty of landscape views and the diversity of fruits that attract tourists from the rest of the Arabian Peninsula.
To enjoy a short and beautiful holiday, or to spend an unforgettable weekend, visit the ruins of the historic wall of Taif as it brings you the ancient architecture of the Hejaz. Traveling there is full of attractions, including visiting the Okaz Museum, the National Museum, and the Shubra Museum. There are also adventurous trips with cable car rides over the high mountains, while enjoying the view of the beautiful green spaces around you and below you.

For a fun long vacation, you can also drive your car to Makkah Al Mukarramah through Al Hada Road and enjoy the wonderful unparalleled views of your way there. Within one hour, you can reach Jeddah to enjoy the charming seaside nights.

Tourism in Taif and the most important tourist places
Taif is one of the main tourist attractions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia due to its pleasant weather in the summer and because it contains beautiful plants in the spring season. Also, Taif is the city that offers rich historical culture. Taif is located on the eastern region of the Sarawat Mountains. It is also known as the summer capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to escape from the summer heat, and to enjoy this green city that offers beautiful landscapes with a pleasant atmosphere. The city of Taif is characterized by many attractions, including:
Shopping in Taif Interestingly, there are a number of great shopping spots as the gateway to the old city of Taif. There is an old traditional market that offers everything from handcrafted goods to local honey, spices and ghee. In addition to a portion of the market devoted to gold and silver. There are shops that sell traditional clothes for men and women.
Taif is also famous for its multiple fruits such as berries, pomegranates, grapes, dates, peaches, melons, and more. You can find fresh fruit stalls off the local market; feel free to try these delicious fruits.

The most important tourist places in Taif
Hada and Al-Shifa
Al Hada and Al Shifa is one of the most beautiful summer places in Saudi Arabia, which is connected with the best and most modern mountain roads with the neighboring cities. It provides all services including a number of hotels and a large number of parks and gardens. Al-Hada includes the agricultural area that produces apricots, figs, peaches, grapes, and pomegranate in addition to large quantities of roses, which are used to extract essential oils and rose water.
Al-Shifa is located in the south of the city of Taif at about 2,400 meters above sea level. This area is known for producing many types of honey and figs. Moreover, it includes parks, gardens and aesthetic formations. The most important parks are located on Al-Shifa Road, which are: the valley, the view, the Hadban, and the bench of the mountain parks. It is easily accessible from Al Shifa and Al Hada, so you will not need to reach Taif city center.

Spectrum rose plantations
Taif Governorate is characterized by the production of roses and is famous for the production of “Parfan”, rose water and Arabian Oud. Taif production of roses goes back more than a hundred years. Taif is characterized by containing about 700 farms distributed in Al-Hada and other parts of Taif. Roses are grown in cold agricultural areas, such as Al Hada, Al Shifa. Planting roses and making their derivatives are two sides of the same coin. There are many factories located in Al Hada, where visitors can learn about traditional distillation methods.
Okaz Market
Okaz Souk is a unique and unique tourist attraction in the Kingdom. Okaz market is one of the most popular old souqs, and it also serves as a forum for intellectuals, literature and poets. Currently, folk art shows are being organized in this market. Visitors can get there using their own cars or with a group of tourists.
Shubra Palace
Inside this palace includes the Taif Regional Museum. Historically, it was the seat of the establishment of King Abdul Aziz – may God have mercy on him – and later was used by King Faisal – may God have mercy on him – as a place to head the Council of Ministers during the summer period. Also, it has been used as the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense and Aviation, and recently it has become one of the most important museums in the Kingdom.
Mountaineering enthusiasts can play their favorite sport in Taif while enjoying the mountain view on the nearby suburbs such as Al Hada, Al Shafa, Bani Saad, Thaqif, Bal Al Hareth, Bani Malik, and other nearby locations.
Cable car
The cable car station is located on top of Al Hada Mountain, and there is a good restaurant and a Ramada hotel. The cable car trip includes designated areas for games as well as the state-of-the-art luxury water park and other services in the area.
horse race
If you are one of the fans of horse racing or you are interested in watching horse racing, you will inevitably enjoy this sport by visiting the race track, where many of these races are held annually, and you can also be happy to win one of the prizes that are prepared for the public, such as Luxury cars and other valuable prizes.

Taif National Park
It is one of the most modern gardens established by the government. It is punctuated by stunning natural terrain, with trees, shrubs and rare natural weeds. There is accumulated rain and flood water to reach one million cubic meters.
King Fahd Park
King Fahd Park is one of the important tourist landmarks in Taif. The garden is characterized by a large area of ​​green grass surrounding the lake, which is fed by artificial waterfalls. It also includes all service facilities to include restaurants, canteens, gift shops, souvenirs and toys.

Taif Zoo
Taif Zoo includes a wide range of animals and birds, such as lions, tigers, elephants, zebras, ostriches, various monkeys, and reptiles. Also, it is a beautiful area with restaurants and an open theater for holding various events and competitions.
Al-Maadan Village
It is the historical village, which is located in the south of Taif Governorate. The village is famous for its stone industries, as it contains large quantities of multi-use utensils, incense burners, and millstones made of soapy stone.
Best accommodation
The Intercontinental Hotel in Taif is located just 15 minutes drive from the airport. It was built in 1978 and is a hotel that welcomes all members of the royal family and businessmen on their visits to the region. The hotel has 155 rooms and suites and 42 private villas. It also houses an excellent restaurant, which serves delicious Saudi cuisine. This hotel is very spacious, while pre-booking is necessary to ensure that there is a possibility to stay. The Intercontinental Hotel offers two huge halls for celebrations, as it is known for hosting weddings from the local charities organized in Taif. The hotel is very large, therefore, you can enjoy the various leisure activities.
The InterContinental Hotel in Taif provides distinguished services for people with special needs, as it offers a number of special rooms equipped for emergencies, and for various types of disabilities.
The hotel’s spacious corridors with natural sunlight, make you feel at home. You will enjoy the outdoor pool area where you can have a cup of coffee or snacks and enjoy greenery. There is also a children’s club where your children can play in a safe place and you can see them through a glass window while you enjoy a snack in front of your pool.

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