Customs and traditions of Tibet .. Tibet is a large region located in Central Asia and was a former country, located on an elevation of 4,900 meters from the surface of the earth, also known as the “roof of the world” and its capital is Lhasa.

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Customs and traditions of Tibet.

There are other names given to the Tibet region, including “the land of the monks”, because of the presence of thousands of monks in it, whether Christian or Buddhist, and “the city of the sun.” Tibet was occupied by the State of China in 1949, which led to the Tibetans being affected by Chinese culture and their apparent influence in a style. Their religious, cultural and national life. The official language in Tibet is Chinese, but its people also speak Tibetan.

Religious diversity in Tibet ..

The Tibet region is characterized by diversity in the religious beliefs of its people, where there is great freedom in religious beliefs there, and religions vary between the Tibetan Buddhist religion, Christianity and Islam, and in Tibet there are many Buddhist temples inhabited by Buddhist monks, to the perpetrator of churches and mosques, and live Everyone is in tolerance, freedom and respect for the customs and beliefs of others on Tibetan soil.

Greetings with the tongue in Tibet ..

Among the strange habits of the Tibetan people are the greeting habits, which are taking the two sides of the tongue facing each other, and this is a sign of respect and appreciation from the other.Greetings in TibetSalutation in Tibet Read also: Nepal customs and traditions

The ritual burial of the dead ..

The Tibetan people have special rituals and beliefs to bury the dead, they do not see that there is a need to save the body after death and that life is repeated after death with a new birth, so the soul that moved to another world does not need the body again. The Tibetans will cut the dead bodies and tie their parts in the birds that They fly very high like eagles to take them to the highest possible place and bury them high in the sky, as they think, and the Buddhists are the most followers of this matter in Tibet, and they call this method of burial “burial in the sky.”

Marriage in Tibet ..

Marriage is one of the most sacred relationships for the Tibetan people, so they pay special attention to it. There are many rituals and customs that govern marriage and the choice of a wife in Tibet. In the old days, there were many complications related to marriage, and the rules governing the choice of the bride were very difficult and there are many family reservations. In addition to the complications that the marriage process goes through until the wedding takes place, but these steps have become less complicated at the present time, leaving the young man the right to choose his bride as long as there is a material and cultural consensus between them, the parents agree to marry without complication. The experience of marriage in Tibet goes through several steps, which are The blood of the speech, then the engagement ceremony, and then prepare for marriage and the establishment of a marriage ceremony, and finally a visit to the couple Ohl.oehtm special attention to marry the Tibetan Veraion girls for marriage since Baluchis and teach the principles and teachings of marriage and marital life.Marriage in Tibet
Marriage in Tibet

Weddings in Tibet ..

The wedding ceremony is one of the things that the Tibetan people greatly care about and pay special attention to, because they have many rituals and customs that they follow and prepare for the ceremony long before its date. One of the drinks on top is Tibet’s signature drink, which is tea mixed with butter.Wedding tentWedding tent

The right of women to polygamy.

One of the most unusual habits in the world, which is found in the Tibetan people, is the multiplicity of husbands, which exist in some regions of Tibet, which give women more than one man’s marriage. Women in Tibet have the right to marry with the husband’s brothers or relatives, while retaining the first husband, and all spouses of women are considered Tibetans are parents of the children who give birth to them, and they should treat them equally and not differentiate them even if they know from their real children than others.Polygamy in TibetPolygamy in Tibet In this matter, Tibetan aims to ensure the financial situation of the Tibetan woman and wife, but despite the fact that this matter is available to women in Tibet, it is rare that a woman suffices to marry only one man. And if a woman marries more than one man and one of them wants to divorce, then what He only has to leave the house and leave, and he may take his children with him and marry another woman. Source

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