Czech customs and traditions .. The Czech Republic is one of the Central European countries with distinct traditions and customs. Its capital is “Prague” and it borders the group of European countries including Germany, Slovakia and Austria. The dominant religion in the Czech Republic is Christianity and varies among the Catholic, Protestant and Evangelical sects.

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Czech customs and traditions czech ..

The Czech people cherish the Czech language and speak it in addition to the dominant German language in the Czech Republic, and there are a group of other languages ​​spread among the Czechs, including the Hungarian, Romenian and Polish.

Seriousness in dealing ..

The Czech people are distinguished by being largely practical people and prefer to stay away from compliments, and the Czech people prefer structured, forward-looking, practical thinking that leads to logical results. The family in the Czech Republic is the basic structure in society in which it is dealt informally, either in the framework of work or external knowledge Relationships do not develop quickly. The Czech people tend to maintain official relations and advocate for the family as long as possible. They are a people who do not care about affection. The Czechs consider the transition in the relationship or acquaintance to an informal form an insult and lack of respect for customs and traditions, and it is only allowed for the elderly and sometimes the woman to be careful. A sense of security.Seriousness in dealing Seriously, read also: Norway’s customs and traditions

Customs for giving flowers as gifts in the Czech Republic

There are customs for presenting flowers to the Czechs because some forms of presentation have special forms there. It is etiquette in the Czech Republic that when you visit a guest one of them must present a gift when visiting either a special kind of chocolate, or a bouquet of flowers, and the host must open the gift in front of the guest and thank him One of the customs that should be cautious about in the Czech Republic is checking the choice of the person to whom we offer flowers, so submitting flowers to a person over the age of thirty-five may have romantic connotations and cause misunderstanding between the two parties, despite the practical and rational nature of the Czech people. They are considered No. 13 packed Ra said about bad luck and the Czechs do not like it, so when presenting flowers to one of them avoid avoiding the number of 13 flowers in the bouquet. And choosing the type of flowers is also very important for the Czechs. At funerals and deaths.Presenting flowers and chocolate as a gift
Presenting flowers and chocolate as a gift

Seriousness and commitment at work ..

Work is one of the basics of life for the skeptical people, as they are used to maintaining work schedules and meetings, and adhering to them, because appointments in the Czech Republic are mandatory and it is not acceptable to delay or fall behind. Traditions of work in the Czech Republic were to stay away from setting work dates on Friday afternoon, this time is a family time in The Czech Republic is where family and friends go to public parks, and August is the month of annual holidays in the Czech Republic. In meetings, the employee and manager are keen to prepare all the data, information and papers that he needs to complete the work or meeting in the fullest way. Aatih of them, and are not allowed dereliction of business meetings, as well as inappropriate to the Modv take off his jacket or work in testing the munificence unless the Director so also Oola.aqro: Travel Tips to Czech

Traditions of eating in the Czech ..

There are traditions for eating in the Czech Republic, they are a people who love public decency and etiquette habits, in the Czech Republic they must adhere to the specified dates for eating and not be late, and must deal with food with respect and honor, and it is not permissible to eat while wearing shoes, it must be removed beforehand. The Czechs also prefer separating life. Social and working life It is therefore inappropriate in the Czech Republic to discuss business matters while eating.Eat in the Czech RepublicEating in the Czechs The Czechs are keen on adhering to the etiquette of the table, so if you are invited to eat in one of the Czech homes, do not sit before the owner of the house invites you to sit on a specific seat, and do not start eating until after the owner of the house begins, and you must adhere to the specific etiquette to eat, such as holding the knife in The right hand and fork in the left hand. In eating habits in the Czech Republic, the guest does not ask for additional quantities of food even if he needs it, and if the owner of it provides it to him, he does not accept it directly unless he urges it. Eating To eat, this is one of the kinds of praise and thanks to the owners of the house on Azumthm.uand finished eating must put the knife and fork tools and other food if you find parallel regulator to the right of Tabq.almsdr

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