The most beautiful beachfront restaurants in Bodrum:
1- Miam Restaurant:

The hotel is located on Türkbükü Bay, so it is one of the luxury hotels in Bodrum, inside it there is a luxurious and elegant restaurant, overlooking the sea directly, allows non-hotel guests to eat inside, the design is characterized by the sophistication of wooden tables, decorated with elegant bedspreads, and external sessions on the sea , Candle lights at night, the hotel’s most popular dishes, grilled fish dishes, with delicious Turkish appetizers.
Address: Menemene, A ,, Atatürk Cd. No: 51, 48400 Bodrum / Muğla, Turkey
Phone: 902523775612
Working hours: Monday – Sunday from 9:00 -2:00
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2- Maçakızı Restaurant:

Among the most luxurious and creative restaurants, it is also part of a hotel, and it is allowed for non-guests to eat in it, it is necessary to pre-book for dinner, and the restaurant is located directly on the coast, and it features modern designs, bougainvillea bushes everywhere, and it is possible to Enjoy a very sophisticated lunch buffet of Turkish-style seafood, and there are also all delicious Turkish dishes, and the most famous dishes, octopus dish.
Address: Keleş Hanım Caddesi, Narçiçeği Sokak Bodrum, Turkey
Phone: 902523112400
Business hours are Monday through Sunday 9:00 to 12:00 midnight.

3- Soğan Sarmısak Restaurant:

Sogan sarimsak bodrum restaurant

One of the most beautiful restaurants overlooking directly on the beach, the hotel is located in the “Gümüşlük neighborhood”, and the restaurant opens its doors for dinner and lunch, and pre-booking is preferred, and the menu varies on a daily basis, it serves all kinds of Turkish food, whether Anatolian food or the Black Sea, kebabs, And seafood and Turkish sweets.
Address: Kumsal Plajı, Kardak Sokak 12, Bodrum, Turkey
Phone: 902523943087
Opening hours: From Monday to Sunday from ten in the morning until eleven in the evening.

4- TimeT restaurant:
One of the high-end restaurants, and is characterized by reasonable prices, is a little far from the city center, where calm and recreation, it is necessary to pre-book and make sure to reserve a table overlooking the sea directly, to look at the beautiful fishing boats, and there is a large place to choose fresh fish before cooking, and a display screen To see how to cook in front of you.
Address: Göltürkbükü Mahallesi, Liman Cd. No: 57, 48483 Bodrum / Muğla, Turkey
Phone: 902523776353
Business hours are Monday through Sunday from eight o’clock in the afternoon
5- Hoca’nı Yeri Restaurant:

The most famous dishes of the Turkish kofta restaurant

It is one of the few places overlooking the sea, which does not offer seafood, you find all the delicious Turkish dishes except for fish, for example dumplings filled with meat with tomato and yogurt sauce, fried meat pastries, Alexander kebab, Turkish kofta, living with milk, and Turkish shawarma, And the main Ayran drink, and the restaurant has wireless internet services
Address: Inon Caddesi 61 / A, Bodrum, Turkey
Phone: 902523775907
Working hours: From eight o’clock until twelve o’clock midnight.

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