Here are the tips mentioned by the most famous travelers and travelers in the Arab world

1. Ibrahim Al-Mutairi
Ibrahim Al-Mutairi is an adventurer and nomad from Saudi Arabia, who has traveled to more than 128 countries around the world alone with his backpack.
Ibrahim Al-Mutairi
The traveler Ibrahim Al-Mutairi always advises his followers on tourist advice and travel-related tips in general in his blogs on Twitter, and was one of the most prominent travel tips he gave within the group of tips in the name of the Seven Commandments, which is the necessity of determining what the traveler wants from his trip, whether it is sea, relaxation and scenery Normal, noisy and shopping life. Al-Mutairi said that this is what contributes to the accurate identification of options during the search process.

2- Ibrahim Sarhan

Ibrahim Sarhan is a Saudi traveler and adventurer who is interested in travel and greatly appreciates the impact of travel on people and on themselves. Sarhan shares his followers by showcasing his trips and travel experiences through YouTube and across his other social media sites.
Ibrahim Sarhan
In a short speech effectively delivered by the traveler Ibrahim Sarhan, the storytelling platform known as the platform for inspiration and experiences, Ibrahim talked about the side effects of travel and talked about the importance and benefits of individual travel and the freedom it provides to the individual from external pressures, and Ibrahim explained that the life of the individual is surrounded and influenced by the surrounding environment by the family. And neighbors, from society and from the prevailing culture to others, said that this created an impossibility in getting to know the opinions of the soul and the surrounding world. Regarding the aforementioned, Sarhan said that he always said that travel takes your time, money, and rest, and then gives you yourself.

3- Ahmed Hosni

Ahmed Hosni is an Egyptian traveler and writer known for telling history in a smooth and interesting way. He writes in several fields, the most famous of which is travel literature and excursions. Ahmed’s passion for history has been linked to his desire to satisfy and experience this closely through travel around the world.
Ahmad Husni
One of the most important travel advice presented by travelers and travel writer Ahmed Hosni is his invitation to visit natural and desert places, where he said that these places offer more exploratory and adventurous proportions than in cities.
He also advised Ahmed to visit the narrated historical places for many interesting stories, especially for reading lovers.
Regarding the most suitable places for travel, Ahmed said that the matter differs from one person to another, but he is always advised to visit countries and places that contain elements, conditions and nature different from those that exist in the country of the traveler, in order to achieve the principle of a new and different experience in every sense of the word.

4- Ahmed Juma Al Falasi

Ahmed Juma Al Falasi is a traveler from the United Arab Emirates and has a YouTube channel in which all places, cities and countries he visited are discussed in an interesting and simplified way.

The advice of the traveler Ahmad Juma Al Falasi when asked about travel advice about the cost of travel specifically was somewhat different, as he responded to his followers on his YouTube channel that this question was wrong from the beginning, and he explained that the defect in the question lies in the fact that the cost of travel is not fixed at all And it varies from person to person, depending on the prices of airline tickets, the cost of housing and transportation costs.

5- Ahmed Mohsen

Ahmed Mohsen is an Egyptian philosopher who graduated from the Faculty of Engineering at the American University in Cairo, and has his own YouTube channel, which raises many and varied topics. One of the topics that Ahmed brings up on his channel is about his own experiences and experiences while traveling around the world.
Ahmed Mohsen
Ahmed Mohsen said in one of his recordings on YouTube that individual travel is better than group travel in his view, and that he realized this after he offered his friends to travel with him, but they could not because of their part-time, which forced him to travel alone, and he made it clear that this individual travel trip It greatly contributed to getting him to know a lot of people, and he said that he imagined that his opportunity to meet new people during a group trip would have been less if he accompanied his friends.

6- Adham Hamshary

Adham Hamshary is an Egyptian engineer with a Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from the British University, who has traveled to many countries and is heavily interested in Asian countries. Adham documents his trips and offers a lot of travel advice through his YouTube channel.
Adham Hamshary
One of the most important travel advice provided by Egyptian traveler Adham Al-Hamshary in one of his YouTube videos related to how to get rid of language problems that some face while traveling.
The most prominent set of advice given by Al-Hamshari to travelers to countries that do not speak English as a primary language was to speak slowly with clear words, and he also advised the traveler to resort to asking young people instead of the elderly when inquiring about anything, and explained that the possibility of these young people speaking in English is greater Among them among adults.
He also advised Al-Hamshari to learn some basic country-specific words that you intend to travel to, and said that this would make transactions a little easier for the traveler. Al-Hamshary also provided some programs that contribute to the traveler’s learning of the language, such as Duolingo and Fodor’s, also advised the use of Google Translate and the voice recognition feature available to communicate with foreigners smoothly.

7- Afifi wish

Omnia Afifi is an Egyptian writer who has loved traveling since she was a child, and despite being a mother of three boys and there are many beliefs related to the difficulty of moving and traveling with children, but Umniah eliminated that idea and did not hinder it for a moment from traveling and began roaming the world with her family. Umniah also encourages other families to travel and offers them many travel advice through its pages on social media.
Afifi wish
Umniah Afifi spoke to one of her records on her Facebook page about how to schedule tourist trips, and one of her most prominent advice to the traveler was that an additional day must be booked for the trip for the pre-specified period during his schedule to visit the country’s sights, and justified that that day gives the traveler the space To practice many things, such as visiting places that were previously attracted to him again with great comfort, or visiting any teacher who was not able to visit him during the days preceding the trip in the event of any circumstances outside his control that forced him in the past not to visit him, and finally she said that the traveler may want to wander Freely That my country and that this day is the most giving way to it.

8- Farid’s wish

Omnia Farid is an Egyptian traveler and blogger who documents her travels through her social media pages, also through her personal website (
Umniah sacrificed and resigned from her steady banking job and decided to settle for her income that she earns from writing for blogs and websites, in order to be completely free to travel around the world.
A unique wish
One of the most prominent travel tips presented by Umniah Farid was more special for girls, as she urged them not to make society prevent them from dreaming about traveling, and she continued her speech saying that travel is not wrong and does not harm anyone.
Umniah also addressed girls, saying that the travel experience contributes greatly to travelers not only in seeing the world but also in learning more about people and about themselves.

9- Bassam

Bassam, famously known as “Besohat”, is an Egyptian traveler who has traveled to many countries of the world and works to document his travel trips. Bassam communicates with, responds to, shares his experiences with his social pages on his page.
One of the most important travel instructions that Bassam provided to our site was that travelers should stay away from restaurants in tourist places when they want to try the diced food from the people of the city or country, and Bassam justified this by saying that these tourist places are usually crowded and their food is of low quality. Moreover, the service is often not good due to the large number of visitors.
Bassam says that if the traveler walks a short distance and departs from those tourist places, he will find restaurants that offer delicious food and better service, in addition to that he will eat among the people of the country and not with the tourists, and at a lower value than in the tourist restaurants.
Bassam was also advised to use the Google Maps application and check the reviews of that restaurant before going and eating it. Bassam was also advised to use the FOURSQUARE application specializing in the presentation of restaurants and entertainment places.

10- Basant Hamed and Amr Tahtawi

Basant Hamed and Amr Tahtawi are Egyptian travelers who founded Olé Travels with the aim of supporting Arab travelers in the MENA region and providing them with travel and tourist advice and advice.
Basant Hamed and Amr Tahtawi
One of the most important travel advice that she provided to Sint Hamed in one of her recordings on her YouTube page is also related to resorting to eating in restaurants that offer local food even once, and not resorting to eating in international and well-known restaurants only, and she said that this contributes to getting you to know more about The people of those countries enhance your sense of the journey itself.
Passant also advised travelers to resort to restaurants that offer the menu in the native language of the country only, as most restaurants that offer a menu in an additional language such as English in countries that do not speak English are usually tourist and do not serve popular cuisine in the best way.

11- An Iraqi penny

Basent Iraqi is an Egyptian traveler who spent most of her life roaming around the world, and her first trip after she graduated, and decided to take a course in the Spanish language, so that opened her first doors to travel through obtaining a grant to the State of Spain.
After touring many Spanish cities and encountering the culture of the people of Spain, Basant decided to get to know more cultures by traveling around all countries of the world.
An Iraqi penny
Egyptian travelers in an Iraqi penny always give travel and travel advice on its Facebook page, and one of the most important travel advice that Pint gave on its page is the necessity of dealing with caution with the peoples of different countries, and always pretend to be steadfast and calm when dealing with any situation, and she said that this behavior has already contributed to clearing it She is personally at risk.
Besant also said that it selects countries that are commensurate with its budget and said that it is based on that that it saves and chooses the appropriate destinations for that budget.

12- Bahaa Farouk

Bahaa Farouk is an Egyptian traveler who works as a mechanical engineer. His travel trips started with his parents when he was young, but he continued his journey alone by going to countries that had not occurred to his family, and he started his own trips starting from the countries of Southeast Asia until travel in general became one of the most important things in his life.
Bahaa shares his followers with the most important travel advice and trips around the world through his Facebook page.

Egyptian traveler Bahaa Farouk said in a television interview with him on Al-Ghad channel, that a person can provide a large percentage of the price of airline tickets by booking through travel agents who are online and who seek to provide the lowest price and offer cheaper offers from the airlines themselves.
Bahaa addressed a word to the families of those who wish to travel, inviting them to leave the opportunity for their children to try to travel and not be afraid of them, adding that travel is the only thing that is invested in order to obtain long-lasting happy memories.

13- Sherif Fayed

Fayed, an Egyptian-American actor, started out as a footballer, but he retired after suffering an injury, which forced him to do so.
Fayed has stated more than once about his passion for travel and has published many of his photos and videos as he documents his tourist trips through his social pages while traveling around the world.

Sherif Fayed advised his followers with several tips to convince them that the issue of travel does not require a lot of money and gave them some advice before traveling that contribute to saving a lot of money when it is committed and followed during planning for tourist trips, including booking a flight date before traveling a large period and stay away from the tourist seasons that Increase the price of tickets significantly.

14- Shaima Ali

Shaima Ali is an Egyptian traveler who traveled alone for the first time when she was 29, and travel has helped her enormously to discover herself, she said. Shaima loves to travel and encourages girls to travel and face their fears through her Facebook page.
The advice of Egyptian traveler Shaima Ali was more directed at girls, where she invited them, in her clip on her Facebook page, to experience individual travel even if they were more inclined to travel with family and friends, and encouraged them to do so and said that this experience will be one of the best experiences that They may live it.
Shaimaa also advised the parents not to fear for their daughters and to leave the space for them to travel in order to give them an opportunity to discover the world and themselves more, and she said that this will develop from the personalities of travelers and will enable them to face everything that they may encounter in the future.

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