In Austria there are many rural cities that are characterized by their beautiful green nature and the presence of lakes and scenic landscapes, as well as many hotels, restaurants and shopping centers.

Best rural cities in Austria:
1- Innsbruck:
The city of Innsbruck is one of the most beautiful rural areas in Austria, as the city is characterized by its beautiful natural scenery and the presence of many mountainous places, and large numbers of tourists come to it for relaxation and comfort.
Innsbruck is about a quarter of an hour’s drive away from Zell am See, and it is two hours away from Salzburg by train.
The most important things to do in Innsbruck:
– Visit the city center and shopping places on Teresa Street.
– You can climb Mount Innsbruck by cable car.

– Visit the Alpen Zoo Zoo and enjoy watching various types of animals
Enjoy a visit to the world of Swarovski, outside of Innsbruck.
– Sitting and wandering near the Inn River

Thiersee Village
Thiersee is a quiet and beautiful Austrian village. This village is considered one of the most beautiful tourist villages in Austria and it has a lake with clear blue water
– You can enjoy visiting this village for a full day.
Thiersee is 75 km from Mozart Salzburg Airport
Top things to do in Thiersee:
Take a tour of the village lake
– Walk around the old city.
Take a boat ride, sit by the lake, and enjoy the green views

3- Bad Gastein
It is considered one of the Austrian mountain rural cities that has many hotels, restaurants and health services
– The city is located on a very high elevation
– Inside the city there is a very beautiful waterfall that flows in the middle of it. The city is characterized by the cold weather in the summer because of its distinctive location
It is one of the resorts that can be visited in the summer and winter months, where skiing can be enjoyed.
In Badagsten there are about fifteen hot water samples
The city is approximately one and a half hours away from Zell am See and Salzburg by train
The most important things to do in Medina:
– Enjoy visiting the waterfalls.
– cable car ride.
– Visiting spas and seeing health hotels.
– Conducting therapy sessions in hot water.
Take a tour of the city and visit cafes, restaurants and shopping centers

Zamlase is located in the southwest of the city of Salzburg, a rural city that enjoys the spread of lakes and landscapes.
There are also simple and distinctive hotels, as they are built in the form of a small, well-constructed building.
– The people of the village of Tenizone are kind and loving, and they are also cooperating
You can walk around the waterfalls, sit on the shore of the lakes, and watch the fishermen hunt fish.
It is possible to rent a small boat to roam the lake and do some water sports
You can wander around and visit the nearby mountains

5- Bad hofgastein
– It is considered the least famous Austrian rural city, and the city is characterized by its wonderful atmosphere in the summer and the cold in the winter and therefore it is considered one of the cities where skiing can be practiced.
There are also many recreational places and places to relax.
– It is an hour or an hour and a half from the city of Salzburg and Zell am See, and it is just six kilos away from Qastan and is located in the valley of the valley.
The most important things to do in Medina:
Relax in healthy places and hotels
– Visit the public park.
– Sightseeing.

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