Turkey has a number of wonderful islands which tourists in a special and distinguished way because of its unique beauty and charming views of a number of lakes, rivers and seas, one of the most wonderful cities in Turkey, Ordu Province, which occupies a large area on the Turkish tourist map. The city occupies the 30th in Turkey in terms of population density. The state in the East Black Sea region is characterized by a single charm that enjoys pure beaches. It is also called the city of oxygen. It is one of the oldest cities known to man. Historical references indicate that it is one of the oldest cities inhabited by Neanderthals, with a high investment environment.

The city of Ordu has won the title of the quiet city because of its natural charm and tranquility that blends with the unique nature around it. The most important tourist centers in the city, Yason Borno Island, are the focus of attention of tourists, which is characterized by its fresh beauty and its calm calm, according to the statistics of Turkish newspapers, the number of tourists to the city last year reached about 100 thousand tourists The city is covered with mountains and plains from the far city to its fullest of pine and hazelnut trees. The city offers a number of exhibits of distinctive clothing and food in the streets of its streets. It is also famous for having a number of very distinct islands such as the Yason Borno Peninsula.

Where a visitor can spend a fun time on the peninsula, full of vitality and activity from sunrise to sunset, the place has a number of historical monuments dating back to the era of the Romen and Byzantine state, such as the Church of Yason, whose architectural design dazzles all who come to the place. The picturesque nature of the region is characterized as a fertile nature environment that has not been polluted by modernity. Like many cities in the world, there is still grazing of sheep and cows scattered in the fields.

The city does not offer visitors except showering in the charming nature, watching the picturesque nature places, and showering in the waters of the Black Sea that the island overlooks. Enjoying a number of distinct activities and places within the state, including visiting the hazelnut festival that takes place in the state in the fall of each year, or enjoying the sport of climbing and climbing to the top of mountain peaks. Enjoy going to the waterfall Ask and visit the sandy beaches and Kedingik waterfall and go to the top of Shabi Kobe Kaya, which is about 32 km away from the city. You can enjoy practicing a number of hobbies such as rowing, fishing and visiting famous lakes such as Lake Oulu
There is in the city the third airport of its kind on the world level located above the sea inside the artificial island in the sea was implemented in 2011 so it opened a wide field of investment within the state and the surrounding islands The peninsula is one of the islands of great attraction and tourism investment as it is a fertile environment for that ..

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