La Brisa Club and Restaurant is located on the front beach of Echo Beach, one of the most famous beaches in Bali. La Brisa is home to absolutely stunning décor, sustainable source food and authentic Bali hospitality. The Beach Club concept is written in the name -La Brisa – which means the sea breeze … wild, charming and gently comfortable. Today the club is designed using timber drawn from more than 500 old fishing boats, and expertly decorated by hand, it is one of the most eco-friendly, modern places on the island that radiate the true nature of Bali.

La Brisa is a beach club and bar on Echo Beach in Canggu. Like another well-known place, it is part of the same family, La Laguna, La Brisa boasts an elegant bohemian design, but more like a hut to relax in the morning. There is a pond adjacent to thatched bungalow with a two-story roof. This main building offers a cozy rooftop space to enjoy Mediterranean cuisine, with stunning sea views. Outdoor dining options include a garden amid a coconut grove, a wooden deck between the pool and Echo Beach sands.

La Brisa’s décor will keep you in mind within the island’s shunned stories. There are botanical nets and interlocking ropes with glass bottles and lamps. The lawn by the pool includes long wooden boats with pillows and sofas. Colorful fabric bags are placed in both the garden and the beachfront deck, allowing plenty of seating options for gatherings. By paying a minimum of 250,000 Indonesian rupees ($ 19), you can enjoy all the deals. You can swim in the pool while waiting for your orders, or even sleep in hammocks coated with coconut palms under the shade.

The menu here is dedicated to all seafood lovers with the sole purpose of providing local and sustainable products at an affordable price. All fish sold in La Brisa are delivered daily by a Bali fisherman, and all ingredients used in the kitchen are obtained from the island itself.

The menu here provides a good selection that will please seafood lovers. Pause for breakfast before browsing in the morning. Try home-salted salmon at home, ricotta cheese and rum butter pie, or tamaki toast. The beverage list includes tropical fruit juices and exotic cocktails made with seasonal fruits, it is truly unique and unique to La Brisa and is designed to satisfy all tastes .. La Brisa also hosts beach parties regularly, with DJs international guests with resident technical knight, Thiago Audman.

Finally – the atmosphere … The place itself is characterized by art and simplicity that cannot be described in abstract words. One must try it directly in order to fully understand and appreciate the majesty and originality of the place. For one thing, the attention to detail here is second to none, and each little aspect tells a unique story. Once you step into La Brisa, you are welcome to visit a home. Country house for Bali fisherman. Decorated by hand and placed in the ocean … with sand, seashells, antique floats, handmade fishing rods, straw baskets, fishing nets, hand-woven chairs, benches and hammocks. They are all centered together to find a fascinating charm by bringing it back to time … an almost magical feeling.
Contacts for La Brisa Club and Restaurant
Hours of Operation: 12:00 – 24:00
Location: Jalan Pantai Batu Megan, Gang La Brisa Eco Beach, Canggu
Phone: +62 (0) 811 3946 666

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