Zabeel Park is a national park located in the city of Dubai and located in the Zabeel area, specifically in the subsistence zone near the World Trade Center and near the residence of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, it is one of the most important and best family parks in the city, where there are a large number of Popular activities for the whole family such as cycling and cricket, a range of restaurants and a theater along with various sports and fitness areas and amusement parks for children, and this makes it a suitable family place for hiking for the whole family.

Description of Zabeel Park

Zabeel Park consists of three different sections, which are Region A, Zone B, and Area C, and these two bridges are connected by these sections, and they are in themselves a modern architectural masterpiece, and also an internal train links them, and the area of ​​Zabeel Park is about 47 hectares, and it has vast vegetable areas For walks, Wi-Fi is available, a lake in which you can rent a boat, and a range of public amenities such as toilets and chapels for women, men and restaurants.

There are 6 main doors to enter the garden, and it contains a parking area for about 2300 cars, which is free of charge, and it has 10 toilets spread over different areas, and you can move between the different garden sections on foot using bridges or using golf cars available inside the park.
You can also reach the park itself either by car or using the metro, and the nearest metro station to the park is the Jafiliya Station.

Entrance prices to the park

As for the entry prices, it is 5 dirhams per person, and is free for children under two years of age and for those with special needs. The cost of renting the suitable small boat for two persons is 40 dirhams, and the suitable boat for four people is 50 dirhams.

The most interesting activities in the park Zabeel

You can spend a full day of entertainment with your family inside the Zabeel Park, where there is a variety of recreational activities that are specially designed to suit all family members, and we will review some activities that you can enjoy inside the park.

Boat ride

The park includes a wonderful artificial lake, surrounded by green space from everywhere, you can rent a small boat for a 20-minute tour of the lake.


Within the park there is a large collection of bicycles, you can rent one of them to float around the green garden

Barbecues or dining at a restaurant

There are spacious green areas inside the garden dedicated to barbecues, so you and your friends can make a wonderful barbecue party inside the garden, and children can also run races in the green yard.
There are also a number of restaurants and kiosks among refreshments in the garden. Zain is the main restaurant inside the garden, and it is located within the region B and offers a different set of Arabic, italyn and Chinese cuisine, which overlooks the lake directly.

Playing cricket

The park includes a great stadium for cricket fans, however pre-booking is required to enter the stadium.

Children amusement and theater

It includes a group of games intended for children of all ages up to 12 years, such as swings, slides, ski games and sand play, and in this part of the park there is a set of kiosks to sell refreshments.
In Section A of the park there is an open theater in which a group of performances and events is held and has a public amphitheater that can accommodate about 2000 people.

Visit the star portal

The Gate of Stars is one of the great places inside the park located near Gate No. 4 of the park, and it consists of five domes, half of which are located above the ground and the other half are found under the ground, and these domes are connected together through tunnels.
Within each dome there are different recreational activities, and each dome bears a different name. The Mars dome has children’s movement games and the solar system dome is a great place to discover modern technology and learn about the secrets of space and the solar system. The dome of the flying saucer contains electric car racing games, and the dome Saturn has an impressive array of ice games, the Earth’s Dome has a death train and is one of the fast leisure trains, all of which are air-conditioned.

Watch country figures

Inside the park there is a collection of figures for several other countries, which is a great place to get to know the features of some countries and enrich your information and general culture, as well as an opportunity for children to get to know more about the world around them.

Listen by watching the fountains

Beside the lake there is also a group of wonderful fountains inside the garden, including the Fountain of Ziggurat and it is located inside the entrance square No. 1 and the oval fountain and conical fountains, and Fountain Vibnatchi.

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