Details of my trip to Mauritius with pictures

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In the next article, you have a report on my trip to Mauritius over four days of pleasure, so the island of Mauritius is the best choice for those looking for a place to relax, it is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the whole world, and the island has many elements of enjoyable tourism of a picturesque nature and a charming sea in addition To the vastness of the green area, which I noticed during that trip, when carrying out various recreational activities and enjoying the island that combines the scent of history, civilization and the beauty of nature, and in the following lines through Arab travelers I present to you a summary of that trip and the best destinations that My dear reader, I advise you to visit it based on my personal experience on my trip to Mauritius, with useful details and secrets about that experience.

My trip to Mauritius

Grand Baie Beach

On the first day of the trip, we toured the most important landmarks of the city, Grand Baie, on the island, and that city is one of the most charming cities that tourists go to from everywhere because it contains green spaces that are comfortable for the nerves, and pure beaches surrounded by trees on all sides, so we sat on the sands of the beach Gold, swimming in its pure waters, in addition to playing water games and surfing, and a group of us fishing and diving to see the bottom of the sea and coral and colorful fish, as well as eating a luxurious dinner on one of the high-end restaurants on the beach and eating sea fish in Ha. Details of my trip to Mauritius with pictures - Details of my trip to Mauritius with pictures

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Handcraft market

It is not necessary to visit the island of Mauritius without going to the handicraft market to buy souvenirs that keep this wonderful journey always in our minds, and to provide those gifts to family and friends and introduce them to the nature of the place and invite them to repeat that wonderful experience on the island, so there is a large group of various gift shops that contain Handcrafted and handcrafted gifts 1581260652 630 Details of my trip to Mauritius with pictures - Details of my trip to Mauritius with pictures

Chamarel Falls

These waterfalls are one of the most amazing landmarks of the island, which lies at an altitude of eighty-three meters, so its water originates from the St. Denis River, and the trees and plants are dotted with the course of the waterfall. One group of us is swimming in its water and another group is to climb on the top of it to enable full visibility of the view of the water and its dropping from above the rocks and taking pictures above.
1581260652 927 Details of my trip to Mauritius with pictures - Details of my trip to Mauritius with pictures

The land of the seven colors

This land is one of the most wonderful places on the island of Mauritius that you should not miss to go to when you visit the island, so the area of ​​that land is about seven thousand five hundred square meters, and it is very close to the village of Charmeil on the island, and the name of the land is due to the land of seven colors because it contains a lot of Sand dunes that are distinguished by the presence of seven colors of brown, red, purple, blue and green, in addition to purple and yellow, so this region is an ideal choice for those who want to take unique photos, as there is no place in the world whose sand is colored like the sands of that land, and we have any Fill the samples of colored sand and put it in a transparent glass tubes and presented in the form of souvenirs for friends and family.
1581260652 453 Details of my trip to Mauritius with pictures - Details of my trip to Mauritius with pictures

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Equestrian Center de Riamel

If you are a fan of adventure, excitement and suspense experiences, do not miss to visit the Equestrian de Rymble Center on the island of Mauritius while you are on the beaches of the island, where the center provides horses for those who want to ride and roam on the beach and photograph with them, so these are the most wonderful romantic experiences that we have done on the island And, in the event that you do not have sufficient experience in horse riding and taming, you will find specialists and coaches in the center who help you to have sufficient skill to do this fun adventure.
1581260652 179 Details of my trip to Mauritius with pictures - Details of my trip to Mauritius with pictures

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