The Republic of Mauritius contains a group of the finest sandy beaches, casuarina trees and sugar cane fields, which are abundant in every part of it, in addition to its clear waters floating on wooden boats, and there are many high-end tourist resorts and five-star hotels, which host many From weddings on its beaches amid the charming nature, and October is the best time to hold weddings as a group of private resorts are available for newlyweds, but Mauritius has a special climate that varies according to the months of the year, and your visit to it varies according to the purpose of that trip.

Winter in Mauritius

Winter begins in the Republic of Mauritius, in May and ends in December, and this particular season is one of the most suitable seasons to travel, as the winter has a pleasant cold and not cold, with temperatures reaching a maximum of 24 degrees Celsius, and a minimum of 18 degrees Celsius, and is The weather is dry with slight humidity, and the sun is shining and warms the place wonderfully, which makes the weather in the winter very warm weather.

Summer in Mauritius

Summer begins in the Republic of Mauritius, in January and ends in April, and the maximum temperature is 33 degrees Celsius, and the minimum is 25 degrees Celsius. Mauritius, in the summer, is characterized by relative calm due to the low number of trips so it is a very suitable destination to enjoy its charming beaches where Resorts and tourist hotels there offer a range of amazing and very cheap offers, which means more fun for less.

When to go to Mauritius?

To answer this question, you must first determine the goal of the trip, is it diving, or enjoy fishing or do you have a special passion for surfing i.e. surfing, or do you have a special passion for riding and sailing in clear waters?
For every goal a specific time of the year in which you can enjoy this fun or hobby, for example if you are a fan of scuba diving, and enjoying the hidden world of the seas, the best time for you to make this trip is to travel in June to October, but if your goal is to travel to it is Enjoying a hobby of fishing, you have to travel, from June to August.

As for if you are a fan of surfing, you only have to decide to travel to it in December until March, and also to enjoy sailing boats, you must travel in May to November, and you must also choose the place where you can practice that sport, Where it must be practiced where the winds abound, and the most vulnerable to winds inside Mauritius, is the peninsula of Le Morne Brabant.

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