Information about dezeen dubai in Arabic, Dubai is one of the cities whose economy has only recently recovered from tourism, after the discovery of oil, but it has proven its wall where today it contains many dazzling places that are unparalleled around the world, and here Dubai is unique again With different centers of creativity in the Emirates, we will learn about its new through the Arab Travelers website in the following article.
From the establishment of an aviation center to international fashion fashions and the private sectors of creativity, Dubai today is progressing tremendously every day while providing places for creative people to express themselves and their ideas.

Beginning of creative work in Dubai World Central:

It is the first city around the world to build a complete airport, and it is expected that the airport called Al Maktoum International will be one of the largest airports around the world, as it is designed to cover about 145 square kilometers.
It is assumed that the hub is concerned with the boarding of airplanes for the sky and travel, and work is still going on, and it is expected that the airport will have many activities to entertain travelers, including the logistical and trade side, and the organization of luxury fairs in addition to various services.
It will be one of the most beautiful centers around the world and Dubai expects to receive more than 26 million visitors from all parts of the world, and two hotels have been established for tourists in addition to residential areas, and an integrated village for employees and providing it with a golf city in close proximity to it in addition to reading places and the largest shopping centers.

Dubai Design District:

  • Also known as the Dubai Design and Innovation Region (OD3), it is one of the most promising sectors in the field of design and fashion in Dubai, and it is located within walking distance of the Dubai Mall, which is well known for its beauty and fashion.
  • The region of Three is expected to make a huge sensation in the world of fashion, designs, buildings and luxury means in the degraded UAE and to be one of the centers specialized in design and creativity and to come out from it many brands that create a global sensation in a short time with the minds of its creators and the hands of its Arab artists.
  • The region was specially designed to be a place for developing young talents, and a special area for all those who have ideas that they wish to develop and make them real in Dubai, and this is the reason why artists, designers, thinkers and writers come to them, and it combines the beauty of residential areas and commercial stores in addition to organizing workshops to develop young skills Studios for creative people. Many brands will come to prove themselves and the skill they have, and it is expected that they will attract intellectual minds from all over the Arabian Peninsula.

Exhibitions in Al Quoz:

  • The D3 area is one of the most important innovation centers in Dubai, and it is located in the Dubai Industrial Zone, and is used by all art lovers and those who wish to establish art and start-up shows, and D3 displays many impressive offers for the most famous emerging artists in Dubai.
  • There is also in the Al Quoz area Al Raskal Street, which is one of the largest networks for shows, cafes and places of display of various talents, which provides a great opportunity and equal opportunity among young talents in Dubai.
  • Al Serkal Street provides an opportunity to participate and dialogue in order to bring more creativity and realization of the mind, and it shows great appreciation for young talents at the local and regional levels, as well as many events throughout the year, including the urban market, artistic and cultural nights in Al Serkal Street. If you feel that you have talent and want to prove yourself, all you have to do is visit this street and participate in the various events that take place in it, then people do not underestimate the talents that they deserve.

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