List of the most famous wholesale markets in Istanbul, the clothing industry is one of the best industries that characterized Turkey, as it became the second country in the world in exporting clothes to various countries, especially Arab countries, and it opened large markets to sell wholesale clothing in Istanbul, and it is estimated daily sales operations inside millions Dollars, Arab travelers display the most important clothing wholesale markets in Istanbul.
Istanbul is the Turkish trade center for its various industries, because it is distinguished by its coastal atmosphere and its ancient history that attracts many tourists to it. Turkey has many popular markets and huge commercial centers that contain a lot of Turkish clothing industries, which are distinguished by their high quality of raw materials and their tastes Wonderful in design, and also its cheap prices compared to the prices of European clothes, so it created markets to sell wholesale clothes so that Turkish clothing lovers can purchase large quantities at the lowest prices.

Directory of wholesale markets in Istanbul

  • Othman Bey Market

Osmanbey is distinguished by the fact that it contains many important embassies and many consulates, besides the presence of the most important and finest international hotels, which led to making it one of the most prestigious areas in Istanbul, and this was reflected in the presence of certain tastes of clothing in this region, where the Turkish government created one of the most important Its markets with the most famous international brands, and the most important branches of the offices of international designers in it, also the most important stores that specialize in cosmetics, so the prices in it are higher than other markets, and also included veiled clothes, which made it a global market among the best markets in the city.

  • Grand Bazaar Market

It is one of the oldest markets in Istanbul, it is an ancient market famous for selling gold and silver, and also souvenirs, and recently a market was established to sell wholesale clothes on Mahmoud Pasha Street, where this market includes a lot of women and men clothes of various tastes and sizes, and also stores selling Turkish furniture with its patterns Wonderful and different, it all comes with the cheapest prices and the best services.

  • Lali Market

The Lali Market is one of the best and most famous wholesale markets in Istanbul, as it is located in the old city, which is a tourist city that contains famous historical landmarks in Istanbul, such as Sultan Ahmed Mosque, and the covered market, and also there are many different nationalities, especially Arabs.
The market includes many open galleries that provide all local brands for Turkish designers, or the most well-known products of Turkish factories, and some of the international brands for women and men. The market is characterized by a large number of corridors and internal streets that include a number of stores selling bags and shoes. Made of the finest leather, and also special wedding dresses, children’s clothing.

  • Marter Market

One of the most famous markets that attracts a lot of tourists to it, due to the presence of the cheapest prices inside it, it is less than the other markets in the city, which are specialized in the same sale of products in it and with the same high quality raw materials. And various tastes, and also includes a lot of shipping companies that make it easy for merchants to ship their goods from clothes to outside or inside the country, it has special shops for clothes for veiled women.

  • Istiklal Street

It is one of the markets that offers a lot of goods for women’s or men’s and even children’s clothes, and sports clothes that are suitable for all ages, in addition to the presence of shops selling leather shoes and bags, but the prices of these products increase in the independence market from other markets.
This was a tour of Istanbul’s shopping malls and into another meeting in a new article, and a new tour.

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