A guide for information on Dubai street addresses in detail. Dubai is called the shopping capital of the Middle East. There are also many luxury hotels, large commercial stores and large malls, so I will talk in this article on Arab travelers. We will discuss information about streets in Dubai and how to reach them.

Dubai street address:

There are in Dubai the most important, most famous and most beautiful streets, and below we will present you the most beautiful and most important streets:

1- Al-Raqqa Street:

. Al-Raqqa Street is one of the most important streets of Dubai because it contains many apartments and luxury hotels, including the Taj Palace Hotel, Flora Grand Hotel and Grand Central Hotel, as well as Landmark Grand Hotel and other luxury hotels for that is one of the most important streets of the Emirate of Dubai.

2- Jumeirah Street:

. The Jumeirah Street is one of the most famous streets in Dubai, because it overlooks the beautiful Jumeirah Beach, which tourists come from everywhere to enjoy the beauty of the beach.
. It also has the famous Caliph Tower, which is considered a skyscraper within the Emirate of Dubai because it is the tallest tower in the world, with a height of 828 meters with an area of ​​4,000,000 square meters, and it includes 180 floors and 57 electric elevators, where the construction of the tower began in 2004 AD and ended in January The year 2010 AD.
. The tower was designed by the person who designed the World Trade Center, and it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Dubai. It is worth noting that it was named Jumeirah by this name.
. Every street called something related to or linked to the marine environment, it is linked to the main Jumeirah Street, and this street branches from it.

3- Sheikh Zayed Road:

. Sheikh Zayed Road is one of the most important streets in the Emirate of Dubai because it is one of the longest roads as it starts from the Ruwais area to Ras Al Khaimah.
. It also means this street heading to the free zones and free markets, as it has many banks, restaurants and commercial stores, and also has a number of apartments, and it has the World Trade Center, which includes six very important projects, namely: –

  • Residential city.
  • Dubai Aviation City.
  • Dubai Logistics City.
  • Commercial city.
  • Golf City.
  • Al Maktoum International Airport, which leads to street congestion throughout the day.

4- December 2nd Street:

. The second of December Street is one of the newest streets in the Emirate of Dubai, as it has many apartments and beautiful shops, with a length of about 2500 meters.

5- The Boulevard Street:

. The Boulevard Street is considered one of the finest, most prominent and most beautiful streets in the Emirate of Dubai because it was designed with the highest standards of quality and accuracy in the world.

6- GB Street:

. It is a street from one direction only and in the other direction a lot of different restaurants, cafes and shops, and it is a street with great effectiveness throughout the days of the year which makes it more beautiful and lively.

7- Al-Muraqabat Street:

. It is a street that contains many hotels, including the Coral Deira Hotel, so it is one of the most important and prominent streets in the Emirate of Dubai.

8- Al-Seef Street:

. Al Seef Street is one of the most prominent, famous and most important streets in Dubai, after the opening of a group of Anchors Of the sword project.
. Seef Street also hosts a large group of events and many celebrations that visitors come from everywhere.
. Where it also holds many exhibitions and beautiful entertainment games, markets and arts, so Al Seef Street is one of the most prominent and important streets within the Emirate of Dubai.

9- Al Diyafa Street:

. It is a street with many musical performances and carnivals, as well as performers perform their performances on all musical instruments.
. Dubai has also developed significantly and significantly in recent years.
. Dubai also distinguished that its economic income does not depend on oil revenues only as it does the rest of the Arab Gulf states, as it also relied on financial and commercial services and on tourism as well, and this represents about 95% of Dubai’s revenues.
. As the Emirate of Dubai has become a world-class place, Dubai has also become one of the most important Gulf countries in tourism due to its beauty, sophistication and development, as it is considered a piece of Paris.

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