Sembilan Island is considered one of the most important and famous picturesque and picturesque islands that exist on the territory of the state of Malaysia as it is characterized by many different features related to the tourist life and the natural environment of the wonderful Malaysian country as it is considered one of a group of tourist islands of small size and It is also worth noting that these islands number about nine islands, which are known to be of great tourist potential and enjoyed by all tourists who always visit the island, which is one of the most important of the magnificent island of Sembilan, which we will trust For the most fascinating landmarks today ,,

And as we have mentioned previously about Sembilan Island as one of the most beautiful and most famous scenic tourist islands that exist on the territory of the state of Malaysia as it is located within a group of picturesque islands and with a distinct natural environment which they know that they are Lalang Island and Rumbia Island and Saga Island and Boolah Island, Fish Island, Wagas Island, Nebies Island, Niamk Island and Miskin Island, as they know that they are among the most beautiful natural scenic islands, which are always visited by tourists from different countries of the world as a whole, where the scenic and wonderful scenery along with it contains a lot Of the various activities that can be carried out: Here in light of these scenic, natural and scenic atmosphere on these islands.

It is also worth noting that all these nine islands, including Simpelan Island, are known to be uninhabited by the population, as none of the human tribes live with them, because it is difficult to reside in them, as they are not exposed to many different thoughts that may endanger human lives. Therefore, there are also no places to live or live in, as it is one of the islands that the Malaysian government is working to close at different periods of the year due to the different climatic and marine changes it is exposed to, and it is also worth noting that this special island Simpelan Island is a great square of pure peace and a T characterized as peaceful and despite the splendor and beauty of the tourist and the landscape in them, but they do not contain any custom places to stay or do business and other physical activities.

It is also known from the island of Sembilan that it does not have any material or commercial transactions because it is not inhabited by the population as it is also distinguished by its distinguished geographical location, which has made it located close to the famous Malaysian town of Lumut, which can be visited in a short time All this, besides it is also located close to the famous Pangkor Island, through which it is also possible to reach Sembilan Island, as the only means of transportation and transportation on this island are boats and cruises, which are always used by local Malaysians. In the movement between the islands, especially a Non-densely populated islands such as Sembilan island where it is possible to participate in many of the cruises which are held specifically to visit these different islands that are difficult to reach without these boats and cruises in particular.

It is also worth noting that this island enjoys its beautiful sands and wonderful sea waters, in which many different fish live, and it is possible to participate in fishing trips that are always held next to this island, and then after fishing a group of different fish and appetite can Also holding fresh fish barbecues on the grounds of Simpelan Island, as it is also known that it is always the ones who prepare grilled fish in general are local citizens from the state of Malaysia and they are from the surrounding cities of the island where they prepare it in the Malaysian way delicious and wonderful, and one of the most important activities Established in this c Zira is also a dive to see many colorful and wonderful fish alongside various coral reefs.

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