One of the largest forts that still exist in Turkey to this day is the Mamora Castle, the largest castle in Turkey, the most fortified and most beautiful in terms of construction and architecture.

Maamoura Castle is located inside the city of Anamur, which today belongs to the administrative city of Mersin in the Turkish south, which overlooks the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. This castle borders the village of Bozdoğan. The Mamure Kalesi Castle is one of the largest castles and the most fortified castles in Anatolia. On the coasts of the White Sea in the east of the city of Anamur, a distance of 6 kilometers.

The castle was built of ancient stones and rocks dating back to the ruins of other ancient civilizations. The high walls of this castle are divided into three sections: the eastern section and the western section, which is the defensive part of this castle. The southern section of the towers. The castle consists of about 40 defensive towers. Visitors can also see The castle and the dome collector and the castle bath outside the defensive section of it It is distinctive that in the year 1988 AD the Anamur City Museum undertook continuous excavation and excavation until they came to the bathroom and the dwelling which were built on ancient stones dating back to ancient times and it is likely that they belong to the ancient city of Rigamonay is m The ancient cities that were built in that place, and after grabbing the region’s princes from the hands of the two crosses, Prince Badr al-Din Mahmoud Bey took control of the castle and transformed all the churches in the castle into mosques and changed the name of the castle and called it Mamoura Castle.

From time to time the castle is restored and the castle walls were restored in the sixteenth century AD and also at the end of the eighteenth century AD and the last restoration of it was in the year 1960 AD at the hands of the Turkish Ministry of Endowments is very similar to the castle of Alanya Castle with its thick walls and the way the walls are connected to each other Some, as well as the method of division and sections, also the castle towers are characterized by the presence of stairs up inside there also there are external stairs at the front of the castle You can see the lighthouse tower or the remains of the lighthouse tower from these external towers.

The external section of the castle contains a mosque with one dome, a water way, a warehouse, a large water reservoir, and a special residence for the military, and there are some sources indicating the presence of Hussein Ghazi’s tomb inside the castle. The siege on the city.

The main entrance to the castle is the real entrance, as it was in the past, so visitors can feel the charm and charm of the past when visiting the castle, but the main entrance was used in the place that separates the two towers in the northern courtyard according to the writings. There are also ancient writings on information received by Prince Mehmetoglu from Sultan Ibrahim.

Maamoura Castle is considered one of the most important historical tourist places in Turkey due to the archaeological status of the building and its unique location on the coasts of the Mediterranean and its long history of around 1500 years made it its place as it is one of the few castles that different civilizations successively followed Rome, Byzantium, Seljuks, Karamanoglu and finally Ottoman Empire

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