Traveling to Georgia you can see the glamorous Caucasus Mountains by car, and you are traveling in domestic tourism from the capital city of Tbilisi to the city of Batumi, where the clear sky and fresh air, and you can not miss the most beautiful and charming National Toshidian National Park, which is descended from the Caucasus Mountains from On the north side, you can also find the highest peak in Europe in Georgia represented by the summit of Mount Albros, where it reaches a height of 5642 meters, this is unlike hundreds of the huge Caucasian mountain range that characterizes the enchanting nature of Georgia, you must make a trip to the mountains to control yourself, and you can Usually Alu Well to these mountains from the beginning of the capital city of Tbilisi within a few hours drive, do not miss the experience ..

Travel to Georgia visa and security clearance

A lot of people ask how can I see a Georgia Visa from the embassy, ​​and when can I see it online? How do I view the security clearance and what papers are required in both cases?
– Georgia is a beautiful and simple tourist country, and it is not expensive if you compare it to many other countries .. It is enough for 7 to 10 days .. A country that combines civilization, heritage, nature, mountains, beaches, and rivers. Leave this post on the way to apply for a visa, but first ..

First, apply for a visa through the Georgian embassy:

– Paperwork :
A valid passport – a bank account statement for the last 3 months in which the amount is not less than 10,000 pounds, it has withdrawals and deposits. You do not have the amount, but your account has to be withdrawn and deposited. You can give your father the amount to transfer to the account and then look at the statement of account and after that your father’s money came back to their account after Receive the account statement from the bank .. and any of the beneficial account of the parent or mother or savings book they applied – letter from work “if you are a student answering a registration certificate from the university” – airline reservation and initial hotel – medical insurance – two personal photos white background 4 × 5 – application What you will use from the embassy website + setting the appointment at the embassy) all the papers are translated into English.

Steps to apply:
1- You will enter the embassy website
2- You will complete the application from the site and write all your data, dates of return and return, and then print it and sign it on the last page and upload the second application to the site after signing.
3- Deposit of $ 20 in the account of the Georgian embassy in the CIB bank
4- Download the bank receipt with the deposit – passport – initial hotel reservation – initial flight reservation
5- Upload a personal photo size 4 * 5 modern white background
6- Download an account statement for the last 3 months with a balance of not less than 10 thousand Egyptian pounds.
7 – Download medical insurance and be over the period you will spend in Georgia.
8- A date is set for submitting the papers at the embassy .. All the papers will be printed and the embassy will go to the specified time.
Georgian Embassy address:
11 Aswan Square, Mohandessin, Giza, Egypt .. Phone number: 0020233044768
All required applications, reservations, and medical insurance are all for the same length that you will exclude in Georgia because Visa looks at the number of days that the clerk writes on the app

Second, apply for security approval. Travel to Georgia (security clearance):

Each period they walk on new terms.
Steps to obtain security approval:
1- After receiving the visa from the embassy, ​​the Liberation Academy departs and visualizes the visa and passport (you must know your father’s name five-year-old and his date of birth because they are requesting them from you there)
2- The security approval to receive it after 4 days .. its validity is two months from the date of receipt.
– Title :
Office No. 15 – Contact Officer Office – First Floor – Al Tahrir Complex – Al Tahrir Square,
Working hours are from Saturday to Thursday from 8 am to 1 pm

Third, Georgia Electronic Visa:

If you are traveling from Egypt, the subject is very easy. Forget all the steps up. You can apply for the electronic visa and receive e-mail after 5 working days, and it will be valid for less than 90 days.
Steps to apply for an electronic visa:
1- You will fill in the required information on the website
(Capital letters the name with the Passport to avoid rejection)
2- Upload the passport photo (clear colored residents) + a personal photo 4 x 6 modern white background (the photo must be in accordance with the specifications, otherwise it will be rejected)

3- Payment online ($ 20).
4- Print the electronic visa and book airline tickets and the hotel (you must have a copy of the hotel, hostel, or guesthouse reservation while you are traveling because it is Bishofuh and the electronic visa before it is stamped on your entry stamp)
Cases in which you do not need to apply for a Georgia visa, neither a poster nor an electronic one:
– Owners of nationalities of the countries of the Cooperation Council and the owners of residences in it (Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the Sultanate of Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait) with the exception of some countries and you can know more than the embassy itself ..
Russian citizens, as well as the United States of America, the Republic of Lithuania, the Swiss Confederation, the Federal Republic of Germany, Korea, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Romenia, Estonia and Latvia European,
Citizens of European Union member states only enter Georgia with an ID card
Owners of travel documents and powers from the UN organization
Syrians and Iraqis are not entitled to enter Georgia unless they have residence in one of the Gulf states that was mentioned above.

Required documents for arrival at Georgia airport

1- Medical insurance: you make it from the Allianz or Travel Choice company, for example, for the countries of the European Union and the Mediterranean, it costs approximately 71 pounds per week!
2- Book a hotel: You can set an account on the site and choose the city in which you will sit in Georgia and choose a hostel that costs from 4 dollars to 15 dollars per night, but you choose a hostel. Try to be in the center of the capital, such as Rustaveli Street, for example, or freedom square, and the Good reviews! Instead you either go and get lost! If you arrived and the hostel did not like you, he spent one night in which you paid her money and a role on another hostel .. The time limit for which you will spend a week is determined, for example, if it costs 70 dollars, you pay only 12% of the total amount, and your message to the email will send you with the initial reservation, or as you travel and To receive the hostel, you pay the rest of the amount!
3- Proof that you have the money to cover your stay and expenses while in Georgia! It is preferable that you are traveling with you at least $ 500 USD or a bank account statement in English, asking them a very small percentage, but so that you will be safe instead of a situation where you can travel and return!

4-A single return and cheapest flight ticket is Air Cairo from Hurghada Airport, costing 2558 EGP.
The visa is printed in 3 color copies … a copy to go, a copy to return and a backup copy with you and the flight and the hostel are booked, except after you receive the visa because if the visa is late, reservations are lost on you! You print the flight and the hostel reservation is a copy for the airport and a backup copy! And often by 90%, they will not ask you at the airport, nor will they see any paper with you other than a passport and visa, but keep you safe and make this paper and keep it with you so if someone asked you!

First either, you reach a soul, buy a chip for 5 lari, put in it a balance of 5 lari, a 4 GB net package with 10 lari, Hikkufuk and Haifidh, and the strongest network there is called Magticom and the company’s headquarters is in the text of Rustaveli Street to the north! Knowing that the hostel keeps wifi faster than you have in Egypt and the main streets where wifi is open to people!
As for transportation, it is possible to open a metro subscription with an honest number, but a small amount.
The lowest taxi fare is 1 lari and the most expensive is 8 to 10 lari! And the common fare for most rides in the capital is 3 to 5 lari!
As for food, if you eat, drink and need you all too much quantities from the supermarket and do it yourself in the hostel, it will cost you about 50 lari per week, which means approximately 200g
If you eat and drink right now, it will cost you about 15 to 20 lari a day

Tourist places that you advise to visit when traveling to Georgia

Kazbegi, Kakheti, Uplistsikhe, Davit Gareja, Batumi, Mtskheta, Svaneti Mestia, Kutaisi, Oktase, Stapalia, Prometheus Cave, Martivili Canyons, Gudauri
Don’t forget to operate Rafting in the river on Kazbegi Road or Mtskheta
As well as an important note: –
– Advice from the people of Georgia !! Free travel to Georgia during the period from September to the end of December, the country remains dead and there is no need to work and the weather remains very free and lost! Travel at rest for the rest of the year, the country will be excellent!
– In the event that you like Svaneti, you will need more than a week’s rest, because it will need at least 3 days alone, and you must book an internal flight in Georgia a month before it on a company.
And Vanilla Sky because all places are booked quickly and the most convenient time for Svaneti and Gudauri are from December until April!
– Taxi from the airport to the capital, take the taxi from Libra, it will cost from 20 to 30 lari.
Examples of Georgian food: Khinkali, Khachapuri, Chanakhi, Churchkhela
Prices for the meal are from 2 to 8 lari depending on the restaurant and the size
– The problem of communication and language can be solved by using Google for translation or communicating with young people, they speak English and a very large percentage of the shops speak normal English! Communication has no problem, you will know, you will deal!

– The police there is respectable and they have to accept anything, whatever, and there is nothing wrong with it, it will stop you or stop you. I walk and you are confident in yourself, not completely disturbing!
– The country is very safe, the crime rate is almost non-existent! Walk any time alone and you are completely safe!
Awareness of the opposite of girls, no matter how they are dressed, even if they walk in the street without demolition, because they will defeat you because they have the oriental character, customs and traditions in these needs! If a traveler is doing something you need, or you think that girls will take care of her, then you will not be advised, because they are hardliners and committed! And the country is small and they are afraid that someone can communicate their words to their family!
But you can accompany people there, very ordinary, with respect, regardless of their gender, whether from Georgia or others. You will meet many people traveling from all countries, like you, get to know each other and get out in groups!

– The temperature in Tbilisi is like Egypt, but in Kazbegi the temperature is between zero and 10 degrees Celsius during the day!
– Adhere to pass, otherwise, you will come flying and adhere to the traffic rules there, and the signs are obligatory! And keep on adding to the street and shivering junk or a cigar on the ground. People will make you despise and disgust!
BMW, Mercedes, VW surprisingly there is a very normal taxi!
Banking charges: 2500 EGP airline
– From 700 gr to 1000 gr hostel
Eating, drinking, and hanging out can make you feel different from person to person, according to his personal expenses!

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