With two daily trips from Dubai to Bangkok, never miss an opportunity to try 10 activities that you can take to spend a family vacation that is never forgotten.

1. Shop as much as your heart desires in Central World

Don’t miss a visit to one of Bangkok’s most important landmarks, Central World Shopping Mall. The mall is the largest shopping complex in Thailand, with more than 500 stores, 100 restaurants and cafes, and a bouquet of entertainment options that appeal to all family members. Children can spend hours in the Kids Zone play area or show their technical skills at Genius Planet Zone, while you enjoy an unparalleled shopping experience. Discover some of the world’s leading designer and ready-to-wear brands, including Polo, Ralph Lauren and H&M, or have a delicious meal and refreshing drink in Grove, the upscale new restaurant in Central World.

2. Learn about the ancient Thai culture in Siam Niramit

Siam Niramit is a captivating live show featuring traditional Thai music and dance to entertain audiences of all ages and all walks of life. From a reenactment of royal processions in ancient Lana to the depiction of traditional ceremonial ceremonies, Siam Niramit promises to take you on a journey through Thai history. The show consists of three distinct seasons and is held daily throughout the year in the Huai Khwang district of Bangkok. Ticket options include attendance, dinner and refreshments.

3. Explore the majestic marine life at Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World embraces more than 3000 marine animals of various shapes and sizes, and is the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia. Enjoy your eyes with fantastic creatures that include the wild sand shark, the gentoo road and the lupine, and learn more about aquarium conservation and conservation projects. Even thrill enthusiasts can even dive with sharks.

4. Visit Safari World to see the wildlife closely

If you want a breathtaking experience, take your family to Safari World in Bangkok for the opportunity to see wildlife up close in style of African safari. Watch some of the coolest creatures in the animal kingdom including giraffes, zebras and ostriches as you drive your vehicle around the park. You can also enjoy several activities at Safari World, including a lion and tiger feeding show and a dolphin show. Safari World also includes the Eggworld, an educational center that provides entertaining information about the eggs that lay eggs, their life cycles and their habits.

5. Relive innocent childhood days in Dream World

If you love amusement parks and interesting excursions, Dream World is the perfect place to take a family. Experience one of the many roller coaster tours for adults and older children in the theme park, including Sky Coaster, Tornado, Grand Canyon and Raptor. Younger children can enjoy a bouquet of landmarks in Dream World similar to the gigantic house and sightseeing train. There are also a number of lively entertainment activities in the theme park, including “Colors of the World” show and other street shows that delight every family member.

6. Return back in time to the Jurassic era in “Dinosaur Planet”

Located in the center of Bangkok, Dinosaur Planet is a fun-filled entertainment center that contains huge figures of dinosaurs brought to life through technology and audiovisual effects. Dive into the world of these extinct miraculous items in the “Dinosaur District”, where you’ll be able to see the skeletons of Stegosaurus and Triceratops. Watch a replica of a dinosaur egg hatching in the “Dyno Lap” and learn about the events that led to the end of the Jurassic era in the live extinction show. If you want to live a unique experience, head to “Dyno Eye”, a swivel caster that gives you enchanting views of the world in prehistoric times within the theme park.

7. Satisfy your fondness for desserts at Mister Jones Orvanage

Although the name given by this pastry shop may sound bewildering (Mr. Jones’s orphanage), Mr. Jones Urvanage is known for providing delicious pastries and cookies made from your favorite sweets in childhood. Savor a piece of Kit Kat cake along with a cup of Mister Jones’ favorite favorite milk. You can also stop in a pastry shop for a light lunch while enjoying a selection of sandwiches, tea or coffee. Mr. Jones Urvanage has four branches in Bangkok, including one at CentralWorld Shopping Mall.

8. Relax and forget your worries in Lumpini Park

After a day full of activities, head to Lumpini Park to enjoy the fresh air and relaxing atmosphere. The lush spaces in the park include walkways, playgrounds and an abundance of locations to sit and relax while your children enjoy the open spaces. Take the boat in the artificial lake inside the park, or try to see 30 varieties of birds that take Lumpini Park as their home. If you travel to Bangkok during the winter months, you may be able to watch live classical music performances in the park.

9. Learn to have fun at the Children’s Exploration Museum

The Exploration Museum for Children is a great place for children to enjoy an educational experience in an entertaining atmosphere. The museum offers activities designed to teach children about science through exploration and testing. Activities include excavation of archaeological sites in search of dinosaur bones, as well as learning the functions of the human body and its vital organs through interactive multimedia presentations. Encourage your child to build their own mini-buildings in the “Build Our City” section. After a day full of fun and games, head to the museum’s library to choose from a selection of children’s science books to take home.

10. Refresh your senses in Fantasia Lagoon Water Park

Fantasia Lagoon Water Park is built on the roof of The Mall in Bangkok, and is very popular with Bangkok residents thanks to its wide range of swimming pools, slides and interesting water tours. If you are a fan of adventure and excitement, take the Slider Tower tour while kids can enjoy interactive games at Lazy River. In addition to tours, the Fantasia Lagoon Water Park includes live performances and games designed to bring joy to the hearts of children of all ages. After a day full of fun, take your family to the mall for an immersive shopping experience and have a delicious meal that fills hunger.

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